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Hello! I'm Martinawa, the owner of Adariaflag.png Adaria and coordinator of Castellán. Here you can read a bit about who I am and what I'm doing here at OGF.

About me

I'm a 26-year-old geography student, living in Barcelona, Spain. I've been studying a Physics degree for the last 5 years, but I switched to a Geography degree in 2018. Last year was a bit of a free space that let me map creatively and bring together some of my geofiction projects along with my imaginary country delusions. I am still involved in them, whenever I have some free time, as my new degree studies have increased my life quality by a lot, with much less stress and a friendlier environment.

I've always been obsessed with maps. Since I have memory I've had my head stuck around maps. I would get to open every book, specially in my grandparents' basement, which potentially had a map on it. City maps, country maps, world maps, whatever maps. When I was a kid I said I wanted to be a cartographer. Then my high school years shifted me from there, but after some disappointment, I might be getting back to my roots.


Adariaflag.png Adaria

This was originally a made-up country to hold all the fictional city maps I made when i was around 8-11 years old in MS Paint. Like, very early creations. These were lost in the bottomless pit of the digital data loss many years ago, and they would be so unpractical by my current standards I wouldn't draw them again. But their names still exist in current day Adaria.

The country was in its day a weird overdeveloped country supposed to be in the Namib Desert. Most of its wealth would come from diamond mining, which I learnt there was in the area, although not sure if in the area supposed to occupy the country. It was a mix of Catalan, Castilian and Japanese culture, well separated into three sections, with the Japanese section carefully put in the middle of the other two. A sort of ex-colonial merger, like a what if the Thirteen Colonies were actually colonized by different countries in the moment of the American Revolution.


The most developed city project I've ever done, created in 2010 on a Sketch-Up drawing. After expanding the city to a point where the model wouldn't even be bearable to edit, and having a bit of a data loss on it, I decided to put it to an end and start to develop it as a map using the OSM technology. After finishing that too in late 2017, I even put a wall-sized map on it on my room. This is probably the project which I'm most proud of.

This was originally a hand-drawn map of an indefinite urban area that I decided to move to OGF. I still don't know how to continue it as it's hand-drawn, but it's a nice piece of mapping and I hope to eventually find some inspiration for it. The name of it originally wasn't Nova Nichiuri.

The Adarian capital and my first exclusive OGF city project. I started thinking about it as a reinassance of the original Nichiuri, but rapidly dismissed the idea as the coastline didn't fit for my original purpose. Rapidly I thought about making it a what-if Japanese colonial city, with mixed success. Still in development.

This is one of the few Adarian cities I've never tried to map. It tries to imitate the Spanish colonial style, with some other adaptations to a very special terrain and geography in it. This is a very recent project so I have very little idea on what to do in it.

This is a project for a planned city in a kind of Japanese style. It is heavily influenced on Sapporo. It is meant to be the northernmost extension of the Nichiuri metropolitan area as well.


I'm developing a topo layer for the country using the tools that OGF itself provides. Sadly now it doesn't render because the topo layer is disabled. I hope we can get it back someday in the near future.


I took over the country of Castellán as a collab territory in September 2021. Since then, I have been slowly developing the country, currently working in what will become a sketch of the natural mapping in the country, before further development is made, through roads and some cities.


IRL Inspiration

My mapping model is basically Mediterranean, with very heavy influences on the geography of Spanish cities, with its hurried development in the 1960s and 1970s, and specially the Barcelona's Eixample, a very influential project in the earlier outside-walls development in the country in the mid 19th century.

OGF Inspiration

I've been mapping here since late February 2018, so I haven't had much time to look at all the countries and cities, but these are some that inspired me to make my own.

  • The Template:Ardisphere - Map - A lot of attention to detail. Looking at the map of it specially from lower zooms gives it a very good idea on how the terrain is distributed and how it might look IRL.
  • Template:Tárrases - Map - Similar to the Ardisphere in general mapping (Because they are mapped by the same person), but also with incredible detail and city mapping. To me, the best-mapped place in the whole OGF world.
  • Ostrina, Flag of Antharia.svg Antharia - Map - SINGLE-BUILDING STREET NUMBERING?!?!?!?!?!?!? It has still a lot to develop but the work put here is incredible.
  • Gobras City, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya - Map - Very attractive example of a planned capital city.
  • San Martín, Template:Wallea - Map - Following its development since its very first steps, a very good inspiration on how to develop a big city from scratch.
  • Huntington, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States - Map - Very similar collaborative development as Gobras city. Maybe a bit too much similar.
  • Template:Pretanic Faction State - Map - Curious development of a different type of country to what we're used to see, an isolationist, repressive dictatorship, which is something that despite its scarcity in OGF, is very real in our actual world.
  • Torrevega, Template:Cordinia - Map - A city on the border of Adaria, in the shore of the Laguna de Maldín. Also very good detailing on a small border city, but not very forcing to ask for the neighbor to draw a city along the borderline.
  • Giliarca, Template:Gardensa - Map - Detail, detail, detail, and detail. Detail is paramount on a city to get it as realistic as possible, and this city does it beautifully and extensely.