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Darcodian Sea

Darcodian Sea

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The Darcodian Sea is a sea in the east of Uletha. Its name derives from the bordering country Darcodia. Other bordering countries are (in clockwise order) Darcodia, Keira, Älved, Kåra , Glaster, Wyster, Älgert, Mergania, Eshein, Nelavia, Sãikyel, x, x, x, x, Reeland, Ispelia and Vartasimalia. The sea is connected via 3 straits (Strait of ?, Strait of Madrin, Suidern Strait) to the Eastern Ocean.

Eastern Uletha

Eastern Uletha

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Eastern Uletha, also known as East Uletha, is the eastern part of the Ulethan continent.

Geographical definition

While the outer geographical boundaries of Uletha are well defined, the boundaries of regions in Uletha are not. A quite common definition is that Midistland and all countries east of it belong to Eastern Uletha. In some cases, countries on the Axian Peninsula (Pasundan-Padjadjaran, Wiwaxia and Ataraxia) and the north do not belong to Eastern Uletha.

Central bodies of water in Eastern Uletha are the Kaspen Sea, the Darcodian Sea, the Gulf of Volta and the Gulf of Preya. Very well known is the Scythe of Uletha, a chain of island nations.

Political and economic definitions

From a political and economic point of view, the formation of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies had a very high impact.

Gulf of Volta

Gulf of Volta

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The Gulf of Volta (Eshen: Galf av Wo̊ltta; Mergan: Golf von Volta) is an oceanic basin that is a southwestward extension of the Scythian Sea. It is surrounded entirely by parts of the Ulethan continent and serves as an interior, marginal sea off the Ardentic Ocean. The bordering countries are (in clockwise order) Eshein, Viljanni, Mergania, Helvetiany, UL012, UL013, Anisora, Palaseskia, Kanea, UL015f, UL015e, Supernia and Nelavia. The bay is connected via the Strait of Madrin, Strait of Owneheym and the Southern Strait to the Darcodian Sea.

Major ports include the Port of Brugham in the northwest, the Port of Eym.


Its Ingerish name is derived from the island Volta. In Eshen, the name of Volta is "Wo̊ltta" therefore the name of the gulf in Eshen is "Galf av Wo̊ltta", Gulf of Volta.

Map of natural ressources

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Kalmish language

RegionOriginally Template:Kalm, now worldwide
Native speakers206 million
Official status
Official language inTemplate:Kalm
Template:Älved (Mergan)
Template:Helvetiany (Mergan)
Mergania flag.png Mergania (Mergan)
Template:Zylanda (Sassn)
Minority language inTemplate:Garlis
Esheinflag.png Eshein (Mergan)
MauretiaFlag-new.svg Mauretia (Mergan)
Template:Reeland (Mergan)
Viljanni flag.png Viljanni (Mergan)
Writing systemRomantian script (Kalmish alphabet)
Linguistic development
Language familyUletarephian

Kalmish is a West Gaermanic language in the Uletarephian Language Group that was first spoken in Kalm and is now a language spoken everywhere in the world. Prominent variants of Kalmish are Gaerman, Mergan and Sassn in Zylanda.

History and geographic distribution

Kalmish alphabet

The modern Kalmish alphabet consists of the twenty-six standard Latinic letters plus four special letters, all are part of the PAR Unicode-letters.

A a /aː/
Ä ä /ɛː/
B b /beː/
C c /t͡seː/
D d /deː/
E e /eː/
F f /ɛf/
G g /ɡeː/
H h /haː/
I i /iː/
J j /jɔt/
K k /kaː/
L l /ɛl/
M m /ɛm/
N n /ɛn/
O o /oː/
Ö ö /øː/
P p /peː/
Q q /kuː/
R r /ɛʁ/
S s /ɛs/
' ß
T t /teː/
U u /uː/
Ü ü /yː/
V v /faʊ̯/
W w /veː/
X x /ɪks/
Y y /ˈʏpsilɔn/
Z z /t͡sɛt/


The continents are named in Kalmish:

Mergan language

Native toMergania flag.png Mergania
Region(native region)
Ethnicity(native ethnic group associated)
Native speakers60 million (2015)
Official status
Official language inMergania flag.png Mergania
Minority language inEsheinflag.png Eshein
Viljanni flag.png Viljanni
Regulated by(regulating body)
Writing systemRomantian script (Kalmish alphabet) and Mergan alphabet
Linguistic development
Language familyUletarephian
Linguistic evolution(ancestor languages, can be used through ancestor5)
  • Mergan
(custom historical event)(date for custom historical event)
(custom historical event)(date for custom historical event)
(custom historical event)(date for custom historical event)

Mergan (Mergan: Merganisch, in Kalm sometimes called Ostkalmisch) is the Eastern Ulethan variety of Kalmish, mainly written and spoken in and around Mergania. It is official language in Älved and Helvetiany.


This is a rough overview how Kalmish came to Eastern Uletha:

  • at the beginning of the 12th century merchants of the Sellern dynasty used the Great Pretanic Trade Route to reach the east
  • they brought the Kalmish language and culture to the east of the Ulethan continent and spread it to several regions
  • several large migration waves in the 12th and 13th century brought a large amount of emigrants to the east, many of them settled around the Kaspen Sea and Darcodian Sea and strengthen Kalmish influence and culture there
  • while the sparely populated islands in the east of the Darcodian Sea provided good prospects for the settlers, Kalmish immigrants in many other regions have been expulsed, they moved further eastwards and finally arrived at the Mergan islands as well
  • during the centuries, culture and language developed differently in the East (Mergan) and West(Kalmish), however not independently and only with slight differences due to strong trade relations
  • the spread of the written Kalmish language in the 17th and 18th century led to a gradually adjustment of the spoken Mergan language, so Mergan became again (and nowadays Standard Mergan is) similar to Modern Kalmish

Geographic distribution

Mergan is official language in Mergania, Älved and Helvetiany and spoken by minorities in many countries in Eastern Uletha.

Standard Mergan and dialects

Typical Mergan words (contrary to Kalmish):

  • Suid - Süd
  • Brug - Festung
  • Belt - Meerenge
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


Plaat is a Mergan dialect spoken mainly in the coastal regions of Helvetiany.

Mergan Vision

The Mergan state broadcaster Mergan Vision provides radio and television broadcasts in Mergan across the globe.

National flag of Mergania

The flag of Mergania

The flag of Mergania or Mergan flag (Mergan: Merganische Flagge) consists of the two national colors of Mergania (Mergan: Blau-Gold)

  gold (RGB: 255,255,0; Web color: #FFFF00)
  blue (RGB: 0,11,198; Web color: #000BC6)

arranged in form of a spiral. Gold symoblizes the grain growing in the huge wheatfields while blue stands for the sea surrounding the Mergan islands. The spiral shape can also be interpreted as an allusion to waves of the sea. The flag's center shows three black stag antlers in diagonal direction, each on gold background. The stag antlers stem from the Mähringer Dynasty. Mergania's flag was first adopted as the national flag in 1832, but details have been modified several times until 1921, when the current flag was created.

Scythe of Uletha

The Scythe of Uletha

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The Scythe of Uletha is a chain of island nations encompassing the easternmost point of Uletha. The nations located on the Scythe are, from south-west to east: Mergania, Älgert, Wyster, Helvetiany, Gornodia, UL25b, UL25d, Justinique, Kaarti, UL25g, Østermark.

The islands are surrounded by the Darcodian Sea, the Gulf of Volta and the Valian Sea of the Ardentic Ocean.