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Main goal

Map Arténie to at least a medium-detailed level (I want in fact each village and town highly detailed and also natural mapping well in place).

Guideline for the mapping

Villages and Towns

I've mapped on paper the villages of Ahoussoukloh, Anandohkloh, Akpingokloh, Nzouékloh, Gargemer. Same thing goes for the towns of Fort-Fronton, Flavol, Maboville.

Mapping of these villages are on their way, except of Maboville, Flavol, Fort-Fronton and Gargemer where I have to begin putting these on OGF map.

Mapping of Le Crotet sur Mer is also on its way.

Mapping of Ikorodui is revamped; based on my newer mapping on paper, more satisfactory to me, it's already on OGF map. Next step is to add residential buildings (pavillions and flats) and equipments, plus agricultural zones near the village.

The Rochville island is mapped at 60%, but I think I will make some adjustments to it (street layouts, downgrading some roads to third-road level or less...). Next step is to add residential buildings (pavillions and flats) and equipments.

The 2 other tiny islands will be mapped too.

Minor cities


Bréville is the second largest city of Artenia.

Streets mapping is complete. I have to complete street names and after that I will add the buildings.

For public equipments: at least 1 school per neighborhood, 1 middle school per 2 neighborhoods (depending of the density) and 1 high school per 5 neighborhoods. 1 or 2 big universities (1 is located north of the city, the other will be south, near the sea). 1 police station per 5 neighborhoods, same thing for fire stations.

Transportation of Bréville: it will be a combination of light rail (use of trams vehicles) and buses networks. I've drawn some tracks (rough sketch) , and will pursue it. I'm thinking about underground tram tracks near Bréville-Plage Train station and the city's center.


It's the third largest city of Artenia.

A part of streets are added, the Ancient Village district street layout is completed, except the buildings.

For the modern part: I will be back on it and adjust street layouts. Bergate-Ville is a new town on Artenia's history so there will be mostly street grids (colonial style). I have to name the streets there, I will do it neighborhood by neighborhood.

A tram network will be implemented in this town.


Mapping of the 4th largest city is on its way. Street grids partially added. Will be completed step by step and after that and street naming, I will add the transportation system (maybe a tram) and buildings of all sorts.

Capital city (Arténie-Ville)

Arténie-Ville's mapping is on its way.

A metro system is being added to this Capital city (it's the beginning). It will have more than 10 lines given the city itself.

I have to complete the Ancient Village district (Trãwlè Akojo Ãténwã) with buildings and equipments and it will be the 1st district totally completed of Artenia.

The International Airport is mostly mapped, I have to make some adjustments to it in order to make it complete.