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Flag of Germany.svg Deutsch ist sozusagen meine Muttersprache – obwohl sie es von Definition nicht ist, ist sie die Sprache, die ich am besten beherrsche, nämlich auf einem Muttersprachniveau. 🤓
Flag of Argentina and Spain.svg Técnicamente, el español rioplatense es mi lengua materna y aunque mi nivel ya no es el mejor, lo considero bastante bien, y sigo intentando mejorarlo.
Flag of the United States and United Kingdom.png English is my second or third language, and I consider my level to be almost native level or at least close to it. My way of speaking is somewhere in the middle between British and US English, though I prefer the spelling of British English.
Flag of France.svg J'ai un niveau intermédiaire de français, je l'avais à l'école pour 4 ans et je cherche toujours à améliorer mon français !
Flagge Landkreis Lörrach.svg I live in the lovely small city of DEU Loerrach COA.svg Lörrach in southwestern Flag of Baden-Württemberg (state, lesser arms).svg Baden-Württemberg, just on the border tripoint Flag of Germany.svg DE / Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg CH / Flag of France.svg FR. Lörrach is known for its chocolate, castle and revolution.
Bandera de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.svg I was born in Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina's capital Buenos Aires and to this day, I feel very connected to this city. This easily likeable city is known worldwide for its architecture, culture and more recently, winning.
Allendea-Flag.png I map Allendea, a country in Southwestern Tarephia about the size of the former Flag of East Germany.svg GDR and mostly inspired by Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina, Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay and whatever else crosses my mind.
OGFmapicon.png I joined OGF on 03.10.2017.
Timezone+1.png My time zone is CET (UTC+1).
Discord color D.svg CapybaraGamingHD#7798 on Discord.
Things I think are cool: Besides animals:

Hello, you might know me for mapping Allendea-Flag.png Allendea (if you're an older mapper: Ünglend), for being a moderator of the OpenGeofiction Central discord, from r/place, from Geovision or just because I'm cool (not very likely). You can feel free to DM me on OGF, use my talk page or email me.


Quentinsburgh, FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Buenos Aires, Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
Xochimalta, Template:Xochimalta Montevideo, Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
Gobras City, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Asunción, Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay
Navenna, Civil flag of Navenna.svg Navenna Managua, Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua
Malvertta, FlagQennes.png Qennes Havanna, Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba
Pyingshum, Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo San Juan, Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Puerto Rico
San Martín, Wallea Porto Alegre, Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil

Cool stuff


Map Description

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Larger city and main port of Allendea, in the southern part of the country. Inspired by Montevideo, Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay.

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La Cañada and Maguériz
Historical colonial towns in the south.

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Large city based off Buenos Aires, Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina with other European inspiration.

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Nyamra and Mutnyo Valleys
Indigenous community living in a valley with strong tourist presence.


Air traffic Emb-green.png You may add Fojenica-Abayabuque Airport as a flight destination internationally without asking.
Emb-yellow.pngTo fly to other airports, which are for regional use only, please ask me.
Alliances Logo of the Tarephia Cooperation Council.png Allendea is a member of the Tarephia Cooperation Council, the Lycene League and the Assembly of Nations.
Commerce Emb-yellow.png Few Allendean businesses operate in the rest of the world. In any country of the world, you may open a rayos electronics store, however please notify me first if it's the first one in your country. The fast food brand Morena can also be opened in Middle and Southern Tarephia, Northern Antarephia and Southwestern Uletha, but again, notify me first.
Culture Emb-yellow.png Allendean Cultural Centres may be opened in any country, however please notify me first.
Diplomacy Emb-yellow.png I am glad to exchange diplomatic relations with other countries, I will decide Allendea's diplomatic partners on a case by case basis. Please write me.
Sports Emb-green.png Allendea's most important sport is, of course, football. You are welcome to add it to World Cups and other championships. I would be interested if there are any regional leagues, so if you know something, tell me!