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The Fengyang Emperor sends his humble greetings too!

Hello there, curious geofiction mapper! Greetings from Singapore! You can call me Kang or ZK for short. I've been here since November 2016 and have gone through a lot in my mapping experience. I am the proud owner of the militaristic Vietnamese-speaking country of Kuehong, the communist country of Kanglapo and coordinator of the great glorious Bai Empire.

I am now in university studying civil engineering, having served my National Service. I have other varying interests, like music composition, editing Wikipedia, photographing Singapore MRT stations or writing Gravity Falls fanfiction. If you have any queries (like whether fantasy mapping gives you the death penalty in Kuehong or when the Bai monarchy will be dissolved), you can send me a message through the OGF inbox or ask on the talk page. I'll be glad to hear from you, though I can be busy and may not respond swiftly.

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