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{| class="wikitable" border="0" style="background:#fff0e0;" cellpadding="20px;"
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| style="padding:10px" | [[File:Achtung.svg|20x20px|]] '''This is the collaboration page for the Bai Empire.'''
*This page exists to coordinate the project and coordinate collaborations within it. Notes for the Empire, its colonisation projects, history, and more are also detailed on this page.
*The Empire is currently being expanded and hence most of the information here might be outdated.
*While I welcome anyone to use the information in this article in developing histories, especially for main-space wiki articles, please be aware that information and details here '''may be subject to drastic changes over time'''. Please check this page regularly for updates.
*If you have any queries (whether asking questions on the project or indicating an interest in joining):
**[https://opengeofiction.net/message/new/zhenkang Message me, Zhenkang, personally], or
**[https://wiki.opengeofiction.net/index.php?title=Forum:Official_collaboratives/Bai_Empire Ask on the Bai Empire forum].
| name = Bai Empire
| flag = Bai flag.png
| symbol = Bai Imperial Seal.png
| symbol_caption = Imperial Seal
| native_name = 百帝国
| native_language = Baiyu
| capital = Xiongjing
| population = 210,000,000
| population_year = 2022
| motto = 百省一心
| anthem = Glory to the Empire
| latitude = 20.736
| longitude = 146.294
| zoom = 5
| relation = 26775
| intro =
Located in Northern Archanta, the '''{{relation|26775|Bai Empire}}''' (百帝国) is a Chinese-speaking country that was once a colonial power. While China is the main inspiration, with the country taking up the Chinese culture, heritage and language, the Empire is not intended to be a carbon copy of the China we know today. Think of the project to be an answer to what a functioning, modern Chinese Empire will be like, with relatively stronger influences from other East Asian cultures.
The project has recently been expanded to encompass (at [https://wiki.opengeofiction.net/util/relation_area.html?map=C/5/26.84085/153.20022&q=26775 812540.00 km²]). The project is being led by me, {{OGF user|zhenkang}}, and anyone interested in participating is welcome.
==General Information==
The Bai Empire is intended to have a strong economy with moderate levels of development. It is a regional power with a strong influence on regional history and culture. Close coordination will be required if you happen to be a neighbour of Bai.
[[File:Draft Bai map in North Archanta.png|thumb|centre|500px|The above is a draft map drawn in December 2020. The boundaries will shift over time as the project evolves.<s><br>Orange and Red for (the tentatively named) Ninwa (Japan) and Chohan (Korea) respectively.</s> Yellow for the Bai Empire and Purple for my personal conlang project Kanglapo]]
==Rules for joining==
Anyone with a background, interest, and/or understanding of Chinese culture and history (especially pre-PRC Chinese history) is welcome to join in the project. (It is not necessary to have proficiency in the Chinese language.) Mappers may claim their own province, or sign-up to be part of the three collaborative projects (detailed in the following sections).
To indicate your interest in joining the Bai Empire Project, please ask on the discussion page or [https://opengeofiction.net/message/new/zhenkang message me] personally.
<div style="column-count:2;-moz-column-count:2;-webkit-column-count:2">
* {{OGF user|zhenkang}}, coordinator and co-founder of the project. Responsible for lore and main contributor of Xiongjing municipality.
* {{OGF user|The_Cute_Chick}}, co-founder of the project. Responsible for macro-scale mapping of the whole territory and mapper of Neilu province.
* {{OGF user|kengoman}}, responsible for micro-scale mapping and mapper of Qiongzhu province.
* {{OGF user|Hilsonbergman}}, main contributor of Dunghoigong municipality.
* {{OGF user|Intergan}}, mapper of Shidizhuang and surroundings in Dong'an province.
* {{OGF user|Tin Cing}}, mapper of Huicheng city in Tongbian province.
* {{OGF user|poweikao}}, owner of neighbouring country Kaosha.
* {{OGF user|coshatiuav}}, owner of neighbouring country Grinzez.
* {{OGF user|Mtejku222}}, former/emeritus mapper of the territory.
==Mapping style==
==History and culture overview==
==Commerce and Industry==
===National Roads===
===Regional centres===
===Municipalities and major cities===
==Diplomatic presence==
==See also==
*[https://opengeofiction.net/user/zhenkang/diary/3096 Official announcement of the project]
*[https://pointochinikia.miraheze.org/wiki/Baiwiki:Introduction Project page on an offline wiki]
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[[Category:Bai collaborative documentation]]

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