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Zakahigan is a state located between two of the Great Lakes and at the crossroads of two regions: East Lakes and West Lakes. The state is divided into 23 counties.

 • Governor Evelyn Sanchez
 • 20,939 sq mi
 • Estimate (2020)5,833,000
Government icon (black).svg
Government of Zakahigan
Head of state
• GovernorEvelyn Sanchez
• Lieutenant GovernorJeremiah Robinson
• Secretary of StateAlyssa Chang
LegislatureZakahigan State Legislature
• Upper houseZakahigan State Senate
• Lower houseHouse of Delegates
ZH Delegates.png
JudiciaryZakahigan Supreme Court
Largest CityMaquadena
Government Data - The Noun Project.svg
Administrative divisions of Zakahigan
Population 5,833,191
Land Area 20,939 square miles
Density 279 people/square mile

Cities and Towns

Municipality Proper Population Metro Population City Size
City of Maquadena and Bear County* 906,169 2,746,191 440 square miles
City of Plainsburgh 300,364 601,000 69 square miles
City of East Eriksburg 140,000 300,000 72 square miles

*Maquadena and Bear County are one consolidated entity.


Zakahigan contains two systems of higher education: Zakahigan State University System and Zakahigan Community College District. The other universities are independently operated.

Universities and Colleges
Institutions Student Count Acreage Mission
University of Zakahigan, The 65,000 research and agriculture
Zakahigan State University, Plainsburgh 20,000 350 policy, education, and music
Southern Zakahigan State University 614 arts, media, social studies


Bicameral Legislature
parties State Senate House of Delegates
New Socialist 15 43
Union 14 51
Common 9 15
Original 6 6
Rural 1 5
TOTAL 45 120
Zakahigan Parties
far-left left centrist right far-right
New Socialist Union Common Original Rural


The entire state of Zakahigan will be incorporated civil territory of some sort. All legal jurisdictions in the state must lie under three departments: state, county, and municipality. Areas without incorporation must incorporate into a city, a town, a village, or a township. Preexisting hamlets will retain some legal authority, though they will lose some of their powers.

Controversial Policies

Sociopolitical Issues & Protections
x result legislative executive judicial
abortion up to 29 weeks x x
age of consent 17 x x
death penalty illegal since 1997 x
drinking age 21 x x
LGBT marriage legal since 2003 x x x
medical marijuana legal since 1998 x x
prostitution mostly illegal x
recreational marijuana legal since 2013 x
smoking/vaping age 21 x x x
U-turns on public roads illegal since 2005 x x
women's suffrage legal since 1909 x x x

The reason this table is shown is because these policies have an affect on the state's development and can be seen upon close examination.

Political History

Zakahigan was admitted into statehood on May 1, 1814. From then until the early 1960s, Zakahigan was politically conservative. Gradually since 1958, Zakahites began agreeing with liberal policies.

Unique Laws

  • Fireworks stores and tents must be located at least 1,000 feet (304m) away from gas stations. Individuals wishing to use fireworks must do so at least 750 feet (230 m) away from gas stations.
  • Unincorporated areas cannot exist.
  • Some jurisdictions have food waste prevention laws, targeted at large and corporate eateries.