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6, 54, 124
Zwíe Älvidske Ídgenis
Second Alvedic Confederacy
Mi Älvidskar (We Alvedians)
Largest cityTelldorf
Official languagesAlvedic, Mergan, Franquese
NationalitiesAlvedic 96% (about 2/3 Adventians and 1/3 Romandians), other 4%.
DemonymÄlvidsker (Alvedic)
GovernmentFederal State
 • Total166'300 km2
 • Estimate (TBD)TBD
 • DensityTBD/km2
HDI (2019)0.675
CurrencyAlvedic Franc (ALVF)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.alv

Älved or Alved is a country in northeastern Uletha.

It shares borders with Darcodia, Vyzesh, Brevinia, Neberly, Bois-Unis and Karamsk.


The first Alvedic Confederacy was a federation of the four historic nations Adventsland, Brevinia, Vyzadia, and Romandia (the northeast known as Forestia being a sparsely populated dependency of Romandians). Then, following political unrest between the nations it became Alvedic Union for a short time, with a somewhat authoritarian government and a unified language made from all the local dialects, Alvedic, slowly being pushed into education and administration.

Due to their remoteness, most regions of the country have been very isolated in the past, and the lack of development during the Darcodian era led to frequent clashes between the fragmented populations and cultures. During the XXth century, the Älvi valley, Thürsland, and the maritime provinces have seen an economic expansion, due to the rail connection between Darcodia and Neberly, crossing Älved.

Älved during the Alvedic Union period:


Civil War in the Union

See article: Älved Separatist Conflict.

Due to the weak Confederate government and the failed Union government, there have been riots everywhere in the country between pro-Union, pro-Confederate and independent factions, especially in the most remote parts. Eventually independentist movements won over the place, due to the limited manpower of the Union facing internal tensions in "core" Älved too. Alvedic Union split up, forming the new independent countries of Brevinia (or Brevinfeld) and Vyzadia (or Vyzesh) on the west. All central and southern Romandia remained loyal to the power of Adventikum, whereas all the northeast part of Romandia, hostile to the Union and more on the side of Neberly due to economical opportunities, made secession and formed the federation of United Woodlands (Bois-Unis).

Second confederacy

The second Alvedic Confederacy is made of all former Adventsland and Romandia except all the northeast part who declared independence as Bois-Unis (United Woodlands)


FlagOfAlved.png Flag of the 1st Alvedic Confederacy Flag Of AlvedicUnion.png.png Flag of the Alvedic Union Flag of Alved 3.png Flag of the 2nd Alvedic Confederacy


The tree line in Älved is about 1200-1400 m. The highest point is Gottspferdsattel (about 4000 m), an isolated ridge of big summits in the Oberthürser Alps.

People and languages

The majority of the population is composed of Adventians (speakers of Mergan dialects) and Romandians (speakers of Franquese dialects). There are Neberlian and Brevinian minorities in some towns, as well as a few Vyzadi left in the northern swamplands.

Alvedic language (a Gaermanic language constructed from all Mergan and Franquese dialects plus common Brevinian and Ingerish words) was pushed by the government of the Union. At the fall of the Union, citizens of Älved voted for keeping Alvedic as administrative language, and prevalence of Alvedic as 2nd language is now common throughout the country, and as 1st language on the rise too.


Älved is divided into 21 cantons. The issue concerning the Delta territory in the southwest still hasn't been resolved.

Cantons of Älved
Name Capital Lang. Area (in km2) Population (2013) Density (2013)
Adventia Adventikum AL - - -
Älvbach-Erliexel Älvbach AL - - -
Arthland Arth AL - - -
Bärnhafen-Teizland Bärnhafen AL/VY - - -
Centráli-Romandia (Romandia-Centrale) Corbière FR - - -
Delta Baithel AL - - -
Greite-Rocadia (Grande-Rocadia) Rocade FR - - -
Lacustria Eburodun AL - - -
Mittelälved Silsee AL - - -
Maríttimai-Romandia (Romandia-Maritime) Mist AL - - -
Norrbunden Ísdalna AL/VY - - -
Paradisem St. William AL - - -
Pergy-Châtres Pergy FR - - -
Port-Loup Port-Loup FR - - -
Suurland-(Delta-2) Adventsillett AL - - -
Telldorf Telldorf AL - - -
Thuliland Thull AL/VY - - -
Thürsland Grundbach AL - - -
Tözlár Stennurm AL - - -


Agriculture, logging, livestock, fishing, tourism and some mining. Some parts of the country remain largely undeveloped.

Metal industry, wood industry (woodwork, paper and carpentry) are the most proficient industries. Microtechnology is somehow well-developed in the Älvi basin too.


- University of Thürs.

- University of Adventikum, on the eastern side of Adventstop, in the capital city.

- International IT School in Pregmatsch.

Points of Interest



I, SwissCrusader, have been into worldbuilding, drawing maps and stuff, since my late childhood, and also later on. Some were used in homemade RPG's, or custom maps for diverse game mods (which have been lost and not been released in general).

At some point, during maybe 2 years, I also had very lucid dreams that were happening in some fictional world that looked a lot like the real world where I lived (Western and Central Europe) and there were connections between different places in different dreams, sometimes I dreamt being twice in the same imaginary city with the exact same features during 2 different nights... and well somehow I managed to connect all these things and to map the world I was dreaming about, and this was for example the base used for the city of Mist.

So I can say that some imaginary land was imagined by me (Thürsland / Steier area), while some other parts were in me and I've seen them in my dreams very clearly. And some parts are actually made specifically to fit within the OGF world, like Brevinia which relates to neighboring Karolia, or Bois-Unis which was made to fit within the Neberly design all around.

I created this country of Älvedic Confederacy (obvious reference to Helvetic Confederacy in the real world) from bits and bobs of what I can remember of these imaginary worlds, with some adaptation to OGF's constraints, like the fact that it takes place in a modern world context.


I use mostly random generators I made myself, but sometimes there can be a hidden meaning in one name or another.

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