Élisabethville-Great Northeast International Airport

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Z13, 33.37 °N, 120.13 °E
Élisabethville-Great Northeast International Airport
Aéroport International d'Élisabethville-Grand Nord-Est
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia
City St. Elme serving Élisabethville and Landec
Began operation 1979
Time zone +7
Elevation AMSL 34 m
Passengers 17,182,701
Aircraft operations 51,000
Direction Length
17R/35L 3035 m
17L/35R 3035 m
10R/28L 2500 m
Number Length
H1 37 m
Highways AX-9
Regional train lines THC to Élisabethville & Landec
Metro lines None
Postcode 87950
Telephone +0321 (0)5473-9844

Élisabethville-Great Northeast International Airport is an intercontinental airport and the 4th-largest hub for Air Ataraxie. Air Ataraxie service focuses on eastern Uletha, especialy those within the EUOIA.

It was newly conceived and built in the 1970's to serve the Great Northeast, the provinces of Côte d'Argent and Domaine de Landec. The region has over 2 million people including the urban areas of Landec, Élisabethville and Ste. Anne. With an international THC station, it draws passengers from northern Wiwaxia with a direct rail connection.

It replaced the original Élisabethville Airport directly south of the city, which was converted to the use solely of aircraft manufacturer Neuf Aérospace.

EGN hosts Air Ataraxie's shortest international flight - 105 km (65 mi) to Jaka, Kojo, scheduled at 45 minutes including time to taxi and park.

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination Terminal Notes
Air Ataraxie (Domestic) Ataraxia International, Banningstad, Dagot, Delfortville, Desprairies, Dolisie, Fenelec, Gif, Jadotville, Léopoldville, Marienbad, Mendleton, Montjoly, Nouvelle Orléans, Oyonnax, Perseus, Ponthierville, Saturnay, Trax, Victoriaville, Villemarie 1
Air Ataraxie (International) Bengonia, Cibolerang, Cihanjuang, Cisadane, Finkyase, First Harbor, Jaka, Khaiwoon, Mutstat, Mynninghamm, Pakuan, Panyingkiran, Pyingshum, Ravalin, Remiville, Santjana 1
Air Wiwaxia Cape Angkatell, Murthwaite, Wiwaxmouthe 2
KojAir Pyingshum 2
WiwaxAir Stanleyville 2