Óst Dówns

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14, 56.3054, 19.1782
Óst Dówns
Mynster of Weatewold
Location within Weatewold (OGFmapicon.png relation)
 • LæðBernica
 • EardWeatewold
Postal CodeOD
Telephone Code01-65
Óst Dówns is a mynster located in Myrcia in the læð of Bernica and the eard of Weatewold. It is located to the south of Dunwic, south-east of Weatende and to the east of Weatbrig. It is a large mynster which is mostly rural but it includes the Dunwic suburbs of Wóldwic and Kynges Wash.

Mynsters of Weatewold
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