Şąnrąn Jkŏ Prize for Modern Art

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The solid gold and crystal Şąnrąn Jkŏ decanter (with gold taps)
The Şąnrąn Jkŏ Prize for Modern Art (also known as the Jko Prize) is an annual international award bestowed on an artist (or artists) who make an outstanding contribution in their field of art. The prize is awarded on merit to an artist 'discovered by the panel of selectors'. The panel of selectors are a group of art critics based in cities around the world, who - it is claimed - award the prize to 'the most relevantly controversial' work . Officially, the prize can only be awarded to artists under the age of 100. The prize was first established in Kėzėpölān 1984 and for the first 2 years of its existence only Kėzėpölānt artists were eligible. Since 1986 the prize has been awarded internationally.


The name of the prize is taken from the artist Şąnrąn Jkŏ (186x - 1945) who after emigrating to Ionadàlba from Ūdzđąnąrąt as a 14 year-old, spent 50 years recreating his native island through oil and watercolour paintings, in the process being at the forefront of the sequentialist art movement. Proceeds from the sale of his paintings were donated to the Şąnrąn Jkŏ Trust, which funds much of the cost of the completion. Prize money is supplied by Foundation Kėzėpölāntic, the bank of Kėzėpölān.


As well as the solid crystal trophy the prize winner is awarded a cash sum of US$500,000. Prize winning exhibits generally tour the world's major art galleries.

List of recipients

Prize Winners 1984-2015
Year Winner & Country Name of work Description of work Form Critics said:
1984 Nėnātë Keze flag.png Kėzėpölān 'Scenes of violence and intimidation' Paintings by the artist of wild animals attacking people - and vice versa Painting 'I was moved to tears'
1985 Жuŧā Kėruÿ Keze flag.png Kėzėpölān 'The Empty Vessel' Clay pots half kiln dried and then crushed in a vacuum Sculpture 'Stunning'
1987 L.J.Ping GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya "Futility is in the ear of the believer" The artist strings seven interns on a web made of steel mesh Installation and video 'Iconoclastic'
1990 Liesbeth Beentjes Lost country.png Forrintië "Yelling and Pooping" Five and a half hours of uninterrupted vocalization between the naked artist and two hairless guinea-pigs. Video installation 'I wish it was longer...'
1992 "That Incredible Feeling of Weightlessness" The artist anonymously awards prizes to all previous prize winners - the prizes are not disclosed. Video installation 'Priceless'
1993 Kkegymwssetep Mitanassykkimot Template:Mahhal "This is War" The artist destroys the planet Mjandakum and everything related to it Plastic models & sketches along with diary written in prison 'Emotionally challenging'
1997 Dubo Keze flag.png Kėzėpölān "We told you we'd do it" The artist burns the entire foreign currency reserve of Foundation Kėzėpölāntic, the bank of Kėzėpölān - 10bn US$ Video installation 'A sense of the ability of true art to move us in deep and unforeseen ways'
2001 "2001 - an odd space" The artist created an empty room - or did they? Installation 'It grabbed me by both arms!'
2002 Davey Boeket Lost country.png Forrintië "Just lick it!" 5m High statue of a dog turd completely made out of lollipops Statue 'Am I...Am I supposed to lick this?'
2003 Danik Hotta-Bruh Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta "The spinning world" The artist sits on a turntable naked in a room imagining a world, recreating the world in song and with vocalisations in unknown languages Installation 'I think I saw an angel'
2004 Saskia Collin Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia "Monument" 24 portraits of "famous" Edicarians in 10x10 meter format and painted using various foods, displayed along the Grand Promenade in Wiwaxmouthe and partially devoured by rats and birds before being pulled down by authorities. Installation 'Needlessly provocative. We've long worked through our national shame over this issue.'
2005 Dick den Hage Lost country.png Levarrie "Anesthesia wearing off" 428 Stuffed animals and dolls in bandages and casts lying in tiny hospital beds after major surgery Installation 'Very disturbing'
2006 "Still life" The artist watches pea-pods form, grow and decompose Video installation in power-station chimney 'Fundamentally the best film I've ever watched'
2008 "The Unconsoled" Pictures of orphans and abandoned children from around the world, framed in gold. Photographic exhibition 'Moving and challenging'
2010 Unknown Artists of Shadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma ”Natural Rotation” Twentieth and twenty-first century rotations of the Pointing Man Installation 'Religiously insensitive and culturally inappropriate' (prize refused)
2011 Maanstraal Vosseke Liefman Lost country.png Forrintië "Critique on modern pigeonholing concerning people living in flats" Pieces of bark and dried flowers arranged in the shape of a fire breathing squirrel. Installation 'I wish my mum was here to see this!'
2014 GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya "My shoe, my famous shoe" The artist ties her shoe while in a lift with the audience Installation 'I didn't believe it was possible'
2016 Rise Eriksson, Mercian flag.png Myrcia '19 Corburc Stræt' The artist re-built their childhood home in the MÓD and then lived in it for one month. Sculpture / installation 'Questions have been posed which may not have answers'