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Introduced 2003
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Dartanet
Sponsor Dartanet
Intended use Entities connected with Dartannia
Actual use Entities connected with Dartannia
Registration restrictions None
Structure Names registered only at third level within second-level categories
Registry website dartonet.drt

.drt is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Dartannia.

Second-level domains


  • .ac.drt – academic (universities, colleges, research establishments and learned societies)
  • .sch.drt – pre-school, primary and secondary schools
  • .co.drt – general and commercial
  • .gov.drt – government and politcial uses
  • .jud.drt – courts
  • .ltd.drt – limited companies
  • .net.drt – network companies and ISPs
  • .hnhs.drtDartannian National Health Service use
  • .org.drt – general use (usually for non-profit organisations)
  • .parliament.drt – parliamentary use
  • .police.drt – police forces

.co.drt, .ltd.drt, .net.drt, .org.drt, and .sch.drt are managed by Dartonet and are available for registration by members of the public (with various degrees of restrictions). Other second-level domains are managed by government agencies, and more strongly controlled.


  • .govmt.drt – former government domain, now replaced by .gov.ho
  • .orgn.drt – former non-profit organisations domain, now deleted and replaced by .org.uk
  • .edu.drt – former use for any educational premises or purposes, now deleted and replaced with specific second-level domain for purpose
  • .milit.drt – former military use