1995 Premier Formula season

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The 1995 Premier Formula season was the __th season of the OGFIA Premier Formula motor racing league. The season was contested over 13 races from __ March to __ September 1995. The season was won by ____ ____ of ____, beating ____ ____ of ____ by __ points.

Drivers and constructors

Entrant Constructor Colours Engine No Driver Rounds


((Temporary calendar, definately subject to change))

Round Grand Prix Date Location
1 Mecyna Grand Prix Flag of Mecyna Phoenix Tricoro International Speedway, Mecyna
2 BajaTel Sajapur Grand Prix Sajapur Imperial Street Circuit, Tamihyra
3 Auuto Suuripreemia Karolija Flag of Karolia Auutoraata Vasireii Jens Nappii, Karolia
4 Mergan Grand Prix Flag of Mergany Eastern Circuit, Mergany
5 Latina Gran Prix Flag of Latina James Dean International Motor Parc, Latina
6 Belgravia Grand Prix Flag of Belgravia Autodromo Internacional de Belgravia, Belgravia
7 Grand Prix de Lorredion Flag of Lorredion Circuit d'Iloma, Lorredion
8 KMW Khaiwoon Grand Prix Flag of Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Street Circuit, Khaiwoon
9 Quentins Grand Prix Flag of Freedemia Quentinsburgh Street Circuit, Freedemia
10 Midistland Grand Prix Flag of Midistland Autodromo Internacional de Rugenia, Midistland
11 Ardispherian Grand Prix Flag of Ardisphere Autódromo Miguel Monteblanco, Ardisphere
12 Neo Delta Grand Prix Flag of Neo Delta Old City International Circuit, Neo Delta
13 Chastechek Grand Prix Flag of Chastechek Ashbourne International Raceway, Chastechek

Results and standings

Grand Prix

Round Grand Prix Pole Position Fastest Lap Winning Driver Winning Constructor
1 Mecyna Grand Prix
2 BajaTel Sajapur Grand Prix
3 Auuto Suuripreemia Karolija
4 Mergan Grand Prix
5 Latina Grand Prix
6 Belgravia Grand Prix
7 Grand Prix de Lorredion
8 KMW Khaiwoon Grand Prix
9 Quentins Grand Prix
10 Midistland Grand Prix
11 Ardispherian Grand Prix
12 Neo Delta Grand Prix
13 Chastechek Grand Prix
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