2004 Isle & City Games

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Logo of the 2004 Games
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The 2004 Isle & City Games were the inaugural Isle & City Games held on the island of Myrcia in the spring of 2004. Most of the events were held in Dunwic but stadia in St Grimbald and sailing facilities in Nórdport were also used.

Sport Venues

Sport Venue Co-ordinates
Athletics Dunwic Burhstadium, Dunwic OGFmapicon.png 56.30945 N, 19.27244 E
Badminton Kirkcoleg Sportshál, Dunwic OGFmapicon.png 56.3293 N, 19.2088 E
Boxing Flyht Myrcia Árena, Dunwic OGFmapicon.png 56.31736 N, 19.28672 E
Cycling Dunwic Velodrome, Dunwic map
Gymnastics Mid Bank Árena, Dunwic map
Hockey Ely Parc Stadium, Dunwic map
Judo Lihtehús, Stijp-E, Dunwic map
Sailing Brymshólm, St Grimbald map
Shooting St Asaph Parc, Dunwic map
Squash Bethel Yard Sportshál, Dunwic map
Swimming Dunwic Aquatic Centur, Dunwic OGFmapicon.png 56.31375 N, 19.19862 E
Table Tennis Kirkcoleg Sportshál, Dunwic OGFmapicon.png 56.3293 N, 19.2088 E
Weightlifting Universitet Washinburh Sports Centur, Dunwic OGFmapicon.png 56.35805 N, 19.30295 E
Wrestling Flyht Myrcia Árena, Dunwic map