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25M-WZ is the code number of a Telkhug Ēkdŭn (TĒ) executive known in Utz as Ūjăk Ŷēkukŭ Ūtŭjik Ēlpąnūŷpurūtŷ, the translation of which is thought to be 'Under-grower for International Mediation'. This person's role in the TĒ organisation is unclear, but she has been present at a number of recent high-profile meetings involving international relations, including ongoing disputes about maritime issues off the coast of Ūdzđąnąrąt. She is thought to be a Suvuman-born woman, Nala Umala, D.O.B. 04/04/1991, Suvuma. Nala Umala was born into a well-off family and after showing early academic promise was in her first year of university study at the Federal University of Suvuma when she disappeared. It is thought that she joined a faction in the jungles of Suvuma, but the exact background of the group is unknown. She resurfaced at a meeting in Gobrassanya where issues of the ongoing conflict between Goytakanya and Suvuma were being discussed and it is thought that she joined TĒ not long afterwards. She is thought to spend her time either on the island of E'tena in Ūdzđąnąrąt or at the TĒ embassy in Gobras City, Gobrassanya. Having never officially held a Suvumese passport, she is now an Udenarraty Citizen on a Gobrassanyan passport.