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77L-EZ is the code number of the Telkhug Ēkdŭn (TĒ) executive known in Utz as Ūjăk Ŷēkukŭ Ēlpąnūŷpurūtŷ Yŭkąs Ąlŷnz which can be translated as 'Under-grower representative to International Workers Alliance'. Although commonly known simply as 'John', the true name of the representative is unknown. He is thought to be a member of the Köpā people of Pėzėpölān, and possibly has some connection to the Yzix people of the Islas M y M in the Ardisphere. He has been the representative for around 22 years. He is thought to spend his time either on the island of E'tena in Ūdzđąnąrąt or at the TĒ embassy in St. Richards, Pretany. He is now an Udenarraty Citizen on a Gobrassanyan passport (which is held in the name of 'John John').