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89Ŷ-KA is the code number of the Telkhug Ēkdŭn (TĒ) executive known in Utz as Ūjăk Ŷēkukŭ ūthūjod Ēkkŏlĕŷpurū, translated as 'Under-grower against Ideologies'. He is thought to be Aswin Raggarth, the eldest son of the current Prince of Grum, Angerd Raggarth, and heir to the throne of Grum. The ruling house of Grum was founded in 1367 by Athe Raggarth, a rebel leader of the Order of Knight Venturers, based in the country now known as Wesmandy. Aswin Raggarth is 25th direct descendant in line from Athe Raggarth. Aswin Raggarth himself was born 12/05/1963 in Vyeguard, Grum and had a very privileged upbringing. In the neo-fascist tradition of the House of Grum, he was expected to play a full part in the life and duties of the royal family and to marry into royalty. However, unexpectedly, at the age of 18, the then Earl (as he was entitled) disappeared in the mountains of Grum while on a skiing holiday. He was never seen in Grum again. Later that year in April 1982 he appeared in Stachen, Ionadàlba, where he addressed a rally of Ionadàlban anti-monarchists. At this rally he renounced all claim to the throne of Grum and all of his titles and claimed support for anarchists throughout Ionadàlba, advocating the abolition of the monarchy, the dissolution of the (democratic) government, the adoption of communal working practices and co-operative ownership of commercial assets. His father and the royal family of Grum along with the Whitelaws, Lairds of Ionadàlba, claimed that he had been brainwashed by anti-monarchists, and attempted to bring him back to Grum. When persuasion and coercion failed, an abduction by security personnel, on the most part body-guards employed by the royal family of Grum, was attempted. This resulted in the death of one man, Jando Hart, an employee of Temion Erl KG, the current Lord of Grum and close personal friend of the royal family. Aswin Raggarth, who had undertaken military training in line with family custom, was accused of manslaughter, having forcibly struck the bodyguard, and was brought to trial in Whiteadder in January 1983. The trial found Aswin Raggarth not-guilty on the basis of insufficient evidence. Shortly afterwards, Aswin Raggarth disappeared from public view, his whereabouts remaining unknown for the next 20 years. He finally came to public attention in 2004 when he was subject of an assassination attempt in Řots. On 29th September 2004 (Řotsnan 8 Karvās 3481), while addressing an anti-monarchist meeting at the Uradu Ots pub (The King's Head) on thePerbī Kassa, in the docks area of Nekkar, he was poisoned with an unknown substance and hospitalised. This brought him to the attention of the authorities and the press. Aswin Raggarth recovered slowly; the poisoner (or poisoners) were never found, though foreign men, probably from Grum or Ionadàlba had previously been seen in the Uradu Ots that night. At the time, he was travelling on a Gobrassanyan passport with an endorsement as an Udenarraty Citizen, which in some circumstances may have been illegal. Since 2004 he has been the subject of at least two other assassination attempts, one of which nearly killed him. He is thought to spend his time either on the island of E'tena in Ūdzđąnąrąt or at the TĒ embassy in Gobras City, Gobrassanya.