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94E-NK is the code number of the Telkhug Ēkdŭn (TĒ) representative to the Assembly of Nations known in Utz as Ūjăk Ŷēkukŭ Ārąken Ēkpąnūŷpurūŷ. She is thought to be a Freedemian-born woman, Brittney Sandrea, D.O.B. 13/04/1981, Vandover, Freedemia. It is known that Brittney Sandrea spent most of the early part of her life abroad, returning to study at Quentins State International University where she triple majored in communications, landscape architecture and government. She held a number of different positions before being recruited by TĒ, who she has represented at the AN since December 2015. She is thought to spend her time either on the island of E'tena in Ūdzđąnąrąt or at the TĒ embassy in St. Richards, Pretany. Having renounced her Freedimian passport, she is now an Udenarraty Citizen on a Gobrassanyan passport.