ACT - Autoridade Carioca de Transportes

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ACT - Autoridade Carioca de Transportes
Typepublic, state-owned
IndustryPublic transport
FoundedItacolomi, 1985
Area Served Flag itc1.png Cariocas
Key PeopleCaio Moreira, CEO
Web Sitehttp://www.act.ic

Autoridade Carioca de Transportes (ACT) is the national transport autorithy in Cariocas, overseeing all transportation in the country.


Buses are the main transportation in all the country.

Bus Routes in Cariocas

There is a organized numbering system to all the bus routes in Cariocas, consisting in three numbers.

  • 1xx Intercities and national routes, operated by coaches
  • 2xx Urban routes in Itacolomi
  • 3xx Metropolitan routes connecting Itacolomi to Itororó and Várzea da Palma
  • 4xx Urban routes in Gragoatá/ metropolitan area
  • 5xx Urban routes in Piratiba/ metropolitan area
  • 6xx Urban routes in Paranabi/ metropolitan area
  • 7xx Urban routes in Itabi
  • 8xx Urban routes in Vz.Palma and Itororó
  • 9xx Urban routes in other towns

There are 190 bus routes around Cariocas.

Route Service Operator From To Notes Map
101 Regional Farol da Barra Itacolomi Gragoatá via Jundiapeba no
102 Regional Farol da Barra Itacolomi Mirim Açú via Jundiapeba/ Aracati no
103 Regional Farol da Barra Itacolomi Timbira via Arágua/ Itaim no
104 Regional Farol da Barra Itacolomi Cambará via Arágua/ Calaboca no
105 Regional Farol da Barra Gragoatá Mirim Açú via Aracati no
106 Regional Farol da Barra Gragoatá Timbiras via Caparatiba/ Itararé no
107 Regional AV4deMaio Gragoatá Gargaú via Aracati no
111 Regional AV4deMaio Itacolomi Piratiba (Direct) no
112 Regional AV4deMaio Itacolomi Tubiacanga (Direct) no
113 Regional AV4deMaio Piratiba Tubiacanga (Direct) no
121 Regional Boracéia Itacolomi Paranabi via Arágua/ Itaim no
122 Regional Boracéia Itacolomi Iguatemi via Arágua/ Cambará/ Paranabi/ Amaperê no
123 Regional Boracéia Itacolomi Monjolo via Arágua/ Paranabi/ Amaperê no
124 Regional Boracéia Paranabi Monjolo via Amaperê no
125 Regional Boracéia Paranabi Iguatemi via Amaperê no
126 Regional Boracéia Paranabi Caratuama via Amaperê no
131 Regional Costeira Itabi Timbuco via Coroatá no
132 Regional Costeira Coroatá Camburi via Itabi no
141 Regional Costeira Itacolomi Gargaú (Direct) no
142 Regional Costeira Itacolomi Abarutaca (Direct) no
150 Regional Costeira Piratiba Paranabi via Itacolomi/ Arágua no
151 Regional Costeira Piratiba Gragoatá via Itacolomi/ Jundiapeba no
152 Regional AV4deMaio Gragoatá Paranabi (Direct) no
200 Urban Term.Mercado Circular Centro Circular no
201 Urban Term.Mercado Contorno Sul Circular/ via Av.Carioca no
201B Urban Term.Mercado Contorno Norte Circular/ Via Av.Carioca no
202 Urban Term.Mercado Aeroporto no
203 Urban Term.Mercado Kaburé via Maruim from/ to
204 Urban Term.Mercado Jaciara via 2ªPonte no
205 Urban Term.Mercado Jaconé via 1ªPonte no
206 Urban Term.Mercado Acesso Norte no
207 Urban Term.Mercado Trevo N-03 no
208 Urban Term.Mercado Marambaia no
209 Urban Term.Mercado Itapeba via Trevo N-01 no
210 Urban Term.Mercado Term.Miriambi via Av.Pres.Moreira no
210B Urban Term.Mercado Term.Miriambi via Av.Trabalhadores no
211 Urban Term.Mercado Sambaetiba no
212 Urban Term.Mercado Resid.Aranea via Araçá no
213 Urban Term.Mercado Jd.Curupati via Camboatá no
213B Urban Term.Mercado Camboatá via Jd.Curupati no
214 Urban Term.Mercado Jd.Iracema no
215 Urban Term.Mercado Divisa/ Barreira from/ to
216 Urban Term.Mercado Meriti/Barreira from/ to
217 Urban Term.Mercado Vl.Operária via Ibiapina/ Iguaçú no
219 Urban Term.Mercado Galeão Cumbica no
220 Urban Term.Miriambi Galeão Cumbica no
221 Urban Term.Miriambi Aeroporto no
222 Urban Term.Miriambi Marambaia no
223 Urban Term.Miriambi Grajaú no
224 Urban Term.Miriambi Florinda no
225 Urban Term.Miriambi Trevo N-03 no


There is only one ferries company operating within Cariocas, Carioca TransMarítima.

National Ferry Routes

Number of the Route From To Note
M01 Iguatemi Itaoca/Paquetá
M02 Paranabi Cambaquara
M03 Paranabi Itabi
M04 Paranabi Itacorubá
M05 Itabi Itacorubá
M06 Caparatiba Ilha Nova
M07 Caparatiba Ilha Velha
M08 Itacolomi Rocas
M09a, b & c Rocas inner routes
M10 Piratiba Pirabaé

There are also two international ferries companies, operating shiping lines to Zylanda, Farax, Khaiwoon, Goytakanya and neighborhoods.

Cycle Rent

Around Itacolomi capital area, ACT owns some rent-a-cycle and cycle parkings.