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9, -46.823, 67.736
Kingdom of Pasalia
"From North to South in Peace"
From North to South united in Peace
CapitalFuturia City
Largest cityPort Elizabeth
Official languagesIngerish
Ethnic Groups
Pasalian(86%), Montranian (4%), Shenavroon (4%), Ingerish (2%), others (4%)
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 • KingPringles I
 • Prime MinisterLisa Marshall
 • Census (2015)>16,745,987
 • Per capita38.275
very high
CurrencyPasalia Dollar (PSD) (KP)
Drives on theright
Internet TLDkp

Pasalia, officially the Constitutional Monarchy of the Kingdom of Pasalia, is a federal parliamentary Monarchy in South-eastern Antarephia. Its capital and largest city is TBA, whose metropolitan area is inhabited by 2.4 million of the country's 16.7 million people. Pasalia has a high HDI and is home to many technological advances. It is commonly known for its high share of atheists and non-religious people, for its wide usage of nuclear power and suburbanization. Pasalia shares borders with Shadze-Ma, Maug-Sihou, Thirran and X


Pasaliaflagbefore1846 (2).png

Ingerish Colony 1647-1846 Independence since 1846

First Human Settlement

Pre-Colonial Pasalia

see Pre-Colonial Pasalia

Ingerish Colony


Kingdom of Pasalia

08.04.1846: Constitution of Pasalia signed, granting liberties 03.08.1954: First Nuclear bomb tested amidts international protests 11.09.1951: Start of Construction of the Pasalia National Freeway System 09.07.1957: First Nuclear Plant goes online 01.01.1981: Electricity Act of 1981 goes into effect to combat growing expenses for electric power 14.04.1992: First Recession since 1961 31.01.1993: 'Second Golden Age' Economic Miracle, sees GDP increase by 3.1% annually 09.11.1994: Skin doesnt matter act signed, de jure ending all remaining racist policies 09.12.1994: Equal Love Act of 1994 signed, legally protecting same-sex partnership 04.07.1995: Technology Advancement Funding-Act signed 07.09.2010: ,Dark Wednesday' as govt admits dire financial situation, sends economy tanking

Eco System

Pasalia has a mild coastal climate, characteristic are cold winters and mild to warm summers. Pasalia lies in the southern hemisphere.



Disclaimer: Article may include controversial text, to be further expanded to make context more understandable (20.4.2016)

Famous Pasalians

William Shotner, Director of Space Programs / Mary Anderson, Womens Right Activist / Jim Frederics, First Mayor of Pasaliapolis / Isaac Fritzfeld, Scientist / Ellie Metzger, Game Developer / Jimmy Edgard, Astronaut / Paul Lee Dee, Actor / Ahmed Kim Smith, Doctor / Mungo Fields, Explorer (note to self: ask udi about this because his wiki) / Benedikt Sander, Politician / Oswald Kennocoln, Politician /



See Also: Racism in Pasalia



See also: Monarch of Pasalia

Prime Minister


  • Pasalia Freedom Defenders /PFD/Conservative-Right/72%
  • The Liberal Democrats /TLD/
  • Social Democrat Front /SDF/
  • Animal Welfare /AW/
  • Green Revolution /GR/
  • Patriot Movement Now /PMN/
  • Red Socialist Revolution /RSR/
  • Pasalia Communist Party /PCP/
  • Pro Antarephia /PA/
  • Nationalists against foreigners /NAF/
  • No Nukes,never! /N³!/
  • Elderly Party /EP/
  • Indigenous Justice Party /IJP/
  • WorkersoftheWorldUnite /WOTWU/
  • Anarchic Rugged Individuals /AR/


Interior Politics

==== Government Departments and Agencies (Pasalia)

Ethnic Conflicts

Anti-Communism in Pasalia

See: Anti-Communism in Pasalia

Drug Policy

Drug Policy of Pasalia

Gun Control

Gun Politics in Pasalia

Immigration Policy



Exterior Politics

See: Foreign Relations of Pasalia

Foreign Relations of Pasalia


Operational Detachment Alpha 3336, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) recon Shok Valley, Afghanistan, Dec. 15, 2008.jpg Pasalian Soldiers on a training mission in INSERTDESERTHERE

BusterJangle-Charlie1.jpg Testing at Pasalia Military Test Range


HMS Freedom of Pasalia, Aircraft Carrier HMS Liberty, Battle Ship HMS Power, Battle Ship HMS Pasalia, Battle Ship HMS Justice , Battle Ship

Pasalia Air Force


Civil War

Pasalia Military Test Range

The Pasalia Military Test Range is a large weapons testing area located in Southern Pasalia. It was and is still used for large scale weapons testing such as ABC-Weapons, flight exercizes, and target testing.

Future Development and Threats


Former Missions

Ongoing Missions

  • Operation Blackgold (2012-) A mission to ensure the unproblematic and uninterrupted transport of oil from producing countries to Pasalia, most commonly via sea.



Port Elizabeth


Windigio 498.765 Founded in 1689 as Windigio Bay

Futuria City

Utopia City

Cape Gardens 78.000



The Pasalian Economy is primarily based on the service sector, with some heavy industries, noticeable aluminium smelters, left. The country turned into a White collar industry during the 1960s. Heavy industries are being attracted by being guaranteed low energy prices.








Energy in Pasalia Pasalia's Electricity net operates at 230v/50hz. Power is produced in following shares of resources: Nuclear 87%, Hydropower 9.8%, Wind Power 2.2%, Biomass 0.7%, Solar Power 0.3%

Electricity itself is free since January 1, 1981 with only a small basic service fee having to be paid. This was introduced because it was realised that energy was so cheap to be produced by the late 70s and the economic benefits would be immense. This has also lead to an drastically increased energy consumption with an average person using over 5,200 kW/h a year. In the recent years complaints have come up by several protesting groups that this is way too much and will lead to an society thats unable to live without external help by technological means and gadgets.

The only major company, having a monopoly on electricity, is the Pasalia National Electricity Co. with the government holding 52% of its stocks. Due to the low cost of producing it can run on a surplus budget even without any major sources of income.


Water is generated by dams or by simple ground water wells. Just like electricity, water itself is free with only the service fee having to be paid.


Own Culture, foreign Influence

Cultural Isolation


Most Holidays in Pasalia are to celebrate the country, its people, animals and nature. Due to religous concerns that lead to riots in the late 1870s, it was agreed that all things related to such matters should be done on September 1st. Furthermore, the emporer is cheered at, on Kings Day.


  • January 1- New Years Day
  • January 6- New Years Greetings
  • May 24 Animal Day
  • June 1 Pasalia Day
  • June 2 Pasalia Resting
  • August 11 Kings Day
  • September 1 Theology Day
  • September 9 Resting Day
  • December 4 Peace Day
  • December 31 New Years Eve


Religion in Pasalia


Obesity in Pasalia


Pasalian Cuisine consists of mostly of Wheat, Fats, Sodium and Sugar. Traditionally Fish and Fruits have been popular in Coastal towns. Starting in the late 1940s daily dishes have become more unhealthy, although this has been mostly ignored until today and is continued to be ignored by the majority of people. Breakfast commonly includes Cornflakes and Bread with Chocolate Cream and Coffee, Milk or other Milkdrinks. Lunch is variable. For dinner one popular meal are Broedballs, small balls of bread filled with cremes. The most important meal is dinner


Foreign Food has a special role in Pasalian Culture. The most prominent cuisines are these who resemble pasalian the most. Burger chains like StarBurgers are common sight all over the country and have been noted for adopting to local culture and habits of the local way of life.


The official language in [[Pasalia] is Pasalian-Ingerish. It is equal to normal Ingerish apart from a variety of words and the way they are pronounced slightly different.


Motorway Freeway
Hard Shoulder Side Lane
Lorry Truck
Traffic Light Stop light
Garbage Can Trashbox
Power Socket Electric Box


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