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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

Federation of Gorsea
Federazionve di Gorsea
CapitalCapitale di Gorsea
Official languagesGorseaan
GovernmentFederation of States
 • Chancellor of GorseaFiliberto Bava
 • Head of StatesZelinda Lodato
very high
CurrencyGorsean Francu (GSF)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.gr

Gorsea short said is a state on the continent Archanta. Officialy is the name of the state is Federation of Gorsea. It neighbours are Balonis, Demacia, Zylanda and Alderdia. The capital of Gorsea is Capitale di Gorsea with all federal goverment offices.


The Federtion of Gorsea is a recently formed state from two populations. In the past it was a colony and was part of the Castellanese Empire. When the Castellanese Empire felt was Gorsea devided in an empty country with two groups. These two groups made a formation and founded their own country. The differences between the two population can be seen in the two languages in the country.

Government and politics

Gorsea is a Federation of States which consist out of a parlement, a Chancellor, a House of Representatives and a Senate.


Gorsea has a Chancellor who is chosen by general elections every 3 year. The current channcelor is: Filiberto Bava.


The parlement in Gorsea makes federal decisions, and the parlement is a higher political body than the House of Representatives. The head of the parlement is currently Filiberto Bava and is called the chancellor of Gorsea.

House of Representatives

The house of representatives consist out of 100 representatives from the constituencies. The head of the House of Representatives is currently Zelinda Lodato. This funtion is called "Head of States" and is internal chosen by the H.o.R.


The Senate in Gorsea consists out of representatives from the states. The Senate task is to check every law from the parlement of the House of Representatives. When a law isn't made through the correct procedure, they make the law unvalid.

Political Divisions





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The climate in Gorsea is tropical in the entire country. Specific for Gorsean climate is the temperature differences between the mountain ranges in the east and the rest of the country.



In Gorsea the currency is the Gorsean Francu. A Gorsean Francu is 0.72 Unified Standard Dollar worth. The currency is managed by the Banca Centrale di Gorsea. Their task is to keep the currency stable and to prevent inflation.




The national language is Gorseaan. Only near the border of Zylanda is Sassn spoken.



Road transportation

Roads in Gorsea

Number Trajectory Name Map
AS1 Dordoña - Gessa Autostrada di Costa Map
AS2 Rocco - Nodo AS3 Map
AS3A Capitale - Frontiera Dordoña Autostrada di Capitale
N1 Rocco - Callisto Gemelli
N2 Nodo N1 - Rampa Doroteo
N3 Nodo AS1 - Strada di Lungomare
N4 Rampa AS1 - Gessa
N5 Stazione Centrale - City Airport Centro - Aeroporte
N6 Alte Stazione AS2 - Genziano
B1 Gessa - Ramiro
B2 Nodo AS2 - Callisto Gemelli
B3 Nodo N1 - Dordoña
B4 Doroteo - Rampa AS1
B5 Strada Lago
B6 Nodo N6 - Rampa AS3A

They are called Autostrada (ASx). Most trajectory's are paid by toll. Only trajectory's around city's are free to use. The toll roads are runned by the Ministery of Infrastructure. For electric cars are the Autostrada's free to use and on some autostrada's they can use the Expressss Lane

National roads

They are called Strada Nationale(Nx).

State roads

They are called Strada Beta(Bx) when they stretch over a long trajectory.

Rail transportation

Gorsea has a large railway network, which runs along the coast and a mainline trough Gorsea. The lines are runned bye the state-owned company GRS.


In the capital are running two metro lines, from central station and the airport. They are operated by the GRS.

Air transportation

Air transportation is frequently used Gorsea for traveling around the country. Flights are between regional airports and national flights leave from Gessa Nationale Aeroporte and the capital. The national airline is Aerea di Gorsea which run international flights and national flight.

Water transportation

Water transportation isn't common and there are a few routes to foreign country and on lakes in Gorsea. The lines are operated by the Servizio di Traghetti Gorsea.


The Department of Energy(D.o.E) has the responsibility for providing the country with electricity and geothermal energy heat for heating. For this task, they rely on a network of reservoirs and dams and geothermal plants. Each region has is own supply way, and the capital rely's on a chain of reservoirs in the surrouding area. You could say that Gorsea is an energy neutral country in the field of CO2 neutral.

Hydro Energy

The most frequent used method is hydro energy. It is generated bij Hydro plants through out the country. The D.o.E has set a minimum produce rate of 150MkW for each Hydro central.

Nuclear Fussion

Gorsea has a small reactor for medical and scientific reasons. The lost energy at the plant is ussed to power the coast region.

Geothermal Energy

For heating and industrial processes is boiling water from 5Km deep ussed. This free energy is transported trough pipelines and never runs out.





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