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9, -41.24, 160.36
State of Oakley
FlagState Seal
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityAnn'harbor
 • GovernorTBD
 • Vice GovernorTBD
 • Totalxxx km2
xxx sq mi
 • Estimate (2018)xxx
 • Densityxxx/km2
xxx/sq mi
GDP (PPP)2018
 • Total$
 • Per capita$
TimezoneWUT +10

Oakley is a populous state on the New Ingerland peninsula in the southeastern Federal States. It borders on the Ardentic Ocean to the northeast, the states of Astrantia to the south, Fermont to the east, and Culpepper to the west. The capital of Oakley is Ann'harbor. Its metropolitan area is a region influential upon Federal States' history, academia and industry. Originally dependent on agriculture, fishing and trade, Oakley was transformed into a manufacturing center during the first industrial revolution. Modern Oakley is a global leader in engineering, higher education, biotechnology, finance and maritime trade.

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