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AVE-train Typ 100 in the station of Topahappan

The AVE-hi-speed railway is the modern railway in Latina. "AVE" stands for "Altamente VElocidad" (high-speed) - as an acronym it is the latinanian (and castellánian) word for "bird". The AVE-system run under state-control of the country and so under the RENFEL, the "REd Nacional de los FErrocarrils Latinias", the state-owned railway net of Latina.

Differnces to the normal RENFEL-network

The system has the special and broader spur of 1.780 m instead of the normal spur of 1.435 m in Latina. So this trains run always on theyr own tracks. They drive with maximum speed of 325 km/h. In the peripherie of the country are some routes most to the boundaries only with two tracks with 3 rails for normal and for the AVE-trains.

The trains normally run over the day every hour in the central area of Latina. First trains starts at 4:30 h and lasts came in at 1:30 h. Line ## 1 and 2 together runs all 30 minutes to Cordoba and in the relation Latina - Porto Colon too all 30 minutes. The trains run over this route with a lenght of 1000 km in a time a little bit more than four hours from station to station. Some trains of this line only stop at Scippo and Gentofte and so they are 15 minutes faster. Between Mendoza and Latina (Ciudad) lines ## 4 and 5 also allow a service all 30 minutes.

Dayover the trains run their whole route, in the early morning the starting point is Latina Central or Scippo, Redondo or other places and in the evening too there terminated the trains. In the night special "Rapido"-AVE-Nighttrains served the long distances.

track with 3 rails

Some routes with less dense traffic or to the boundaries of Latina have no own tracks for the AVE-Trains, but tracks with 3 rails - one and two with 1.435 m between and one and three with 1.780 m between. This are the relations:

  • AVE 1 = through the tunnel to Beaudry (Route # 201)
  • AVE 4 = north of Tentoten til the northern boundary (Route # 310)
  • AVE 4 = from Pugall to Slovech in Belgravia
  • AVE 13 = greater parts of the route from Delta via Vremyn to Porto Colon (Route # 830) - own tracks the whole route are in work



Since the late 1960ies the railway has more and more real and imagened handicaps against the private car and the aeroplan. So the gouvernement designed 1970 a more modern, comfortable and fast version of hi-speed-railway for longer distances.

First line set in use 1974 was the fork-line Latina Central - Johnston Junction - Du Bois and Latina - Johnston Junction - Mendoza (now lines ## 3 and 4). Then followed the both long lines Latina - Gentofte - Scippo - Porto Colon (1978 - now line # 1 and 2) and Latina - Topahappan - Van Pelt (1981 - now line # 3). 1983 was opened the route Latina - Cordoba and to the western boundary (now line # 2). 1989 a new junction was build from Latina-Central to Latina-Sur, so that the AVE-trains from the north can go throught to the AVE-route to Saguset and Belsante in the south. Step by step the net grow and at last 2012 was opened the section from Givullion to Lupo Blanco for the line # 6.

As the only one city with more than 500 000 inhabitants of the land Mar y Flora is not joined to the AVE-net, but that expensiv route throught the mountains now is in work (the former President came from this town) as prolongation for line # 6 south of Saguset - see the dotted line at the map below. An other extenxsion is in work fot line # 6 north of Lupo Blanco to La Perdiz (and later to Tamarindia).


AVE-train Typ 200 in the station of New Dublin

Trains could be 7, 10 or 14 wagons long and so they are 140, 200 or 280 m. The AVE-trains are all in one class - in other countries this standard is a good 1. class, but not luxuorios. Only the shorter lines in the early morning or late evening as Du Bois - Latina or Medoza - Latina have no dining-wagon. In the outer half of the car at one end of the train it is allowed to smoke.

Because the spur of the tracks is 40 cm broader as normal, the cars could be broader as normal railway-wagons and give place for 4 comfortable seats each row.

Type 100

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.

The first standard of this trains, the type 100, ....... (will follow) .......

  • Großraum .. text ...
  • Abteil ... text ...
  • Ruhewagen ... text ...
  • Raucher ... text ...


Type 200


..... more text ...


Type 200 (as on the picture) runs on line 13 to New Dublin with the swinging signature "RENFE" instead of "AVE", because it is a train of the Tara Railway and the "L" (for Latina) there is deleted from RENFEL for the Tara-trains in the pool for the traffic to Latina. In other manner the train is the same as the other AVE-trains of this standard.

Prices and Tickets

Prices are simple: Every kilometer cost 10 cent, 100 km 10 Latinian Pound (LP). Abonnementcards for workers, students etc. are significant cheaper. In each province are day-tickets after 9:00 available, most 12 to 15 LP (or 2 LP for more persons up to 10) and often allowed with them rides in the neighbour provinces. Special advertised low-price arrangements are avaiable from time to time.

At greater stations the tickets can pay by cash at the service-station. This to do is a question of service from state (person to person). If one wont, there are too automatical service-computers to buy the tickets by cash or by card. A reserved seat in local trains is not possible, in Rapid-trains it cost 2 LP, in AVE-trains 3 LP.

Roundabout 85 % of the coasts of the AVE-system is payed by tickets, advertising and some other little posts. The difference is payed by the state out of the same fund as for the motorways in the sense of care for the existence of people.

Actuel Net

The AVE-lines are actually:
° Line # 1 west = Tunnel to Beaudry - Cordoba - Nutria - Latina Central
° Line # 2 west = Western boundary - Linea - Cordoba - Nutria - Latina Central
° Line # 3 west = Du Bois - Grisuldy - Ubiquaria - Latina-Central
° Line # 4 west = Northern boundary - Tentoten - Applegarden - Mendoza - Latina Central
° Line # 5 north = Mendoza - Latina Central
° Line # 6 north = Lupo Blanco - Guvillion - La Rodilla - Latina Central

° Line # 1 and 2 east = (Taparello) - Porto Colon - Scippo - Gentofte - Schneewittchen - Latina Airport - Latina-Central
° Line # 3 east = Van Pelt - Sagomantes - Topahappan - Vanguard - Schneewittchen - Latina Airport - Latina Central
° Line # 4 east = Slovech - Pugall - Digomantes - Vremyn - Redondo - Gentofte - Latina Airport - Latina Central
° Line # 5 south = Latina-Central - Latina-Sur - Saguset - Los Olivos -(en construction to Mar y Flora) ° Line # 6 south = Latina-Central - Latina-Sur - Saguset - Delta - Sardinas - Belsante - Minolia - Southern boundary

° Line # 10 = Cordoba - Ferronio - Du Bois
° Line # 11 = Cordoba - Brigonis - Ubiquaria - Mendoza - Dugando - Guvillion - Vanguard - Topahappan
° Line # 12 = Zulabeno - Topahappan - Scippo - Airport Scippo / Redondo - Redondo - Evolution - Delta
° Line # 13 = Delta - Porto Colon - Fragumantis - Van Pelt - to New Dublin in Tara

If the lines in Latina Central dayover are junctioned to thru-going lines they run over a joined curve or a tunnel at Latina Central Station. This thru-lines stops at the tracks 21 to 26 (curve) or 27 to 29 (tunnel). AVE-Trains ending in Latina Central stops at track 17 to 20.

Further Extensions

  • Line # 10 is in work from Los Olivos south to Mar y Flora.
  • Line # 6 will extend north of Lupo Blanco to the northern boundary. Til La Perdiz the tracks are in work