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Aamupostiit cover.png
Aamupostiit (Morning Post) is a Karolian-language newspaper which is distributed nationally and internationally. It is the widest-circulating compact daily newspaper in the country, and tends to take a left-of-centre liberal editorial line. The newspaper has supported the Karolian Labour Party in past electoral campaigns.


The Vasantan Liidu Aamupostiit was founded in 1889 by a businessman. In 1980 the paper moved its headquarters and presses to a new building in Osmila


The website aamupostiit.ka was launched in July 1999. It provides online versions of the newspaper, as well as interactive graphics and other content. The online newspaper also hosts reader comments, a dating site, picture galleries, fantasy football, web shop and webcasts of interviews.


Several contributors and the entire paper have been honoured with national and international award for their work, most recently for the reporting of the Second Commonian Crisis and an expose of the treatment of migrant workers in factories.


The paper has drawn criticism for its liberal point of view, particularly in the reporting of environmental issues, sexuality, immigration, minority rights and foreign policy. Critics claim that the paper plays down conservative concerns and tends to vindicate liberal commentators and give them greater column space, as well as encouraging the breakdown of the traditional family and portraying conservative government policies as morally wrong. It also has faced ridicule for inflating trivial environmental and social issues and having a 'holier-than-thou' tone in some reporting.