Abattoir Banning Act (1997)

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The Abattoir Banning Act of 1997 was an event that caused much controversy in Johnnyville. It was decreed by the EnviroParty and was first suggested by the late Richmond Josephine, leader of the EnviroParty during the late 1990s. Richmond, owner of one of the largest cattle farms in Auleus, has been accused time and again that he only banned abattoir so that his cattle industry would be richer, but no evidence of said cases has proven to be true.

This act stated that any and abattoirs had to be closed down permanently, effective from the 1 January 1998 onward. An estimated 200 workers lost their jobs, with an even greater number of workers being moved to cattle farms owned by Richmond Josephine himself.

However, with the massive influx of pigs and other farm animals requiring relocation, a large number of them were sold to neighbouring countries, first and foremost of those being Ullanne. This temporary increase in monetary income for Johnnyville allowed for the construction of the Royal Botanic Gardens.