Adelaide II of Vodeo

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Adelaide II
Queen of Vodeo
Marian Mudder.jpg
Adelaide in 2016
Reign 12 November 1988 - present
Predecessor Thomas II
Coronation 13 September 1989
Premiers Otto van Helsing
Eric Douglas
Howard Stevens
John Graine
Victoria Stobie
Biographical data
Born Adelaide Victoria Julia Norton
30 May 1962
(age 55)
Place of birth Royal Holme Hospital, Holme, Vodeo
Spouse David Foster (m. 1985)
Issue Crown Princess Lucy
Prince Albert
Princess Piper
House Norton
Father Thomas II
Mother June Torrance

Adelaide II (full name: Adelaide Victoria Julia Norton, born 30 May 1962) is the Queen of Vodeo. She acceded the throne upon the death of her father, Thomas II on 12 November 1988. She is the sixth Vodean monarch and the second-longest-serving since the Consolidation of Vodeo, having reigned for 30 years; her great-great-great grandmother Adelaide I reigned for 57 years (67 when her reign as Queen of Cambria is taken into consideration).

Adelaide was born in Holme as the first child of the Prince and Princess of Vodeo, later King Thomas II and Queen June. She attended public primary and secondary schools, and studied history and law at the University of Saviso between 1980 and 1983. She became Crown Princess as heir apparent upon the accession of her father to the throne on 5 April 1975.

She married David Foster in 1985, and has three children: Crown Princess Lucy (born 1987), Prince Albert (born 1990), and Princess Piper (born 1995).

Early life and education

Adelaide was born at 5:30 am on 30 May 1962 at the Royal Holme Hospital as the first child of the then-Prince Thomas and Princess June. After her birth was made public, a volley of 97 shots was fired according to tradition in Holme and Saviso. She was the first female Vodean royal baby since the birth of Princess Rose in 1921, and the first immediate female heir since 1899.

She was baptised at Saint Clair Cathedral in Holme as a member of the Vodean Church on 15 July 1962. Her godparents are Prince George and Princess Adia (her paternal uncle and aunt), Premier Guy Bradford, friends of her mother Alexandra and Hamish Durey, and friends of her father Albert and Tessa Rhodes.

She was made a member of the Vodean Council of State on her seventeenth birthday in 1979. She was accepted into the University of Saviso's history and law programmes in 1980, and graduated in 1984. Following this, she joined Civil Defence, serving there until her accession to the throne in 1988.

Personal life

Adelaide is known to have interests in history, technology, photography, cartography, and motorsport. At university she was a prolific track athlete and swimmer, and has participated in a number of triathlons around Vodeo since the late 1970s. She is an accomplished pilot, and has been known to fly her father's Stranraer SC-3 on occasion. Like her father, she is a keen collector of classic and vintage automobiles; among her collection are her father's 1928 Cobalt Special Eight, a 1957 Cobalt Belvoir said to be her favourite, a 1960 Fell Mainline, and a 1978 Cobalt Runciman, her first car. She owns two Dominion limousines: a 1954 model used for state events, and a 2013 model used for other engagements. Her collection is open to public viewing every year on her birthday. As a fan of motorsport, she traditionally opens the annual Vodean Motoring Championship.

Personal finances

Adelaide's personal wealth is estimated to be around £7 million, however exact figures are not known. Estimations of her fortune at £3 million and £6.2 million were made in 1989 and 2009, respectively (£4.5 million and £6.8 million in 2018 figures).

Titles and styles

  • 30 May 1962 – 5 April 1975: Her Royal Highness Princess Adelaide
  • 5 April 1975 – 12 November 1988: Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Adelaide, Duchess of Avalon
  • Since 12 November 1988: Her Majesty The Queen

Adelaide's full style is "Her Majesty Adelaide the Second, by the Grace of God, the Queen, Defender of the Faith."

Places named after Adelaide II