Administrative Divisions of Shadze-Ma

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The Administration of Shadze-Ma is loosely defined. As a member of the Organisation of Independent Oceanic Islands some political and economic decisions are shared between national governments. Other decisions rest with the Syndicated Public Assembly of Shadze-Ma. Locally, decisions are made by a wide range of bodies. These are incorporated into a semi-hierarchical structure which has a number of overlapping competencies.

The tables below is based on open source data analysed by the University of Yshon and independently assessed by the Assembly of Nations.

OIOI-level classifications in Shadze-Ma Archipelago

Level 1 Politico-economic Union OIOI.png OIOI
Level 2 Sovereign States Shadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma Kanedo flag new.png Kanedo Orbis-T.png Orbis Tertius
Level 3 Autonomous Areas North Karg flag.png North Karg, Shadze-Ma nebulous 'free zones'
Level 4 Island Districts Aiwatsi, Doobasi, Kizmanda etc., Faryal, Sanaray, Urne, Yshon etc., Erth, Goolan, Ironwall etc., Tayfir, Federal Military Areas, Lights & Prisons,
Level 5 District Dependencies Rokanon (non-penal area) & Rokanon Bek, Orl Seminary
Level 6 Syndicated Administrations Aiwatsi (main) & Pendo Atuath, Doobasi & Pendo, Aiwatsi (part of Yakanda) & Kizmanda, Faryal, Dshon & Yshon & Eelan Nan Tuath, Helon & Urne, Ironwall, Goolan Adeas, The Erths, Tayfir (main), Tayfir (NAAs), Orbis Tertius Rig Divisions

Hierarchy of Territorial Administration in Shadze-Ma Archipelago

Level 1 OIOI.png OIOI
Level 2 Kingdom of Pasalia (Devil's Rock Radar System Site) Broken Arm Bay Military Base Shadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma broad entity Kanedo flag new.png Kanedo Orbis-T.png Orbis Tertius Dulan flag.png Dulan
Level 3 Nebulous 'free zones' Shadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma narrow entity North Karg flag.png North Karg
Level 4 Federal Military Areas, Lights, Prisons Aiwatsi, Doobasi, Kizmanda etc. Faryal Sanaray, Urne, Yshon etc. Erth, Goolan, Ironwall etc. Tayfir flag.png Tayfir
Level 5 Rokanon (non-penal area) & Rokanon Bek Orl Seminary
Level 6 Aiwatsi (main) & Pendo Atuath Doobasi & Pendo Kizmanda & part of Aiwatsi Faryal Dshon & Yshon & Eelan Nan Tuath Helon & Urne Ironwall Goolan Adeas The Erths Tayfir (main) Tayfir (NAAs) Rig Divisions