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Airline Kelkatan Oskifastorarelen Raiya K.r.a.
Callsign BLUHOK[notes 1]
Company_slogan Fly on the wings of the Hawk

Kohű Oskifastorarelen pir Kohű Bīriya

IN: A Greater Airline for Greater Byria
Founded 1946
Headquarters Sadiemarkt, Calliesanyo
Alliance OneSky
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Kelkatan Oskifastorarelen Raiya K.r.a., operating as AeroIndigo, is the national flag carrier of Calliesanyo. The company has its head office in Valta Joso, Sadiemarkt, Calliesanyo. Its main hub is Emilia Tanaka Caporavo International in Sadiemarkt, with secondary hubs at Osenko International and Cassenaux-sur-Mer Intercontinental.

AeroIndigo serves northwest Archanta (from Sadiemarkt and Osenko) and south-central Uletha (from Cassenaux-sur-Mer) as a regional carrier, as well as long-haul services covering Archanta, central and western Uletha, western Tarephia, Pelanesia, and southern Kartumia. AeroIndigo passenger aircraft are configured in a three class arrangement; Business Class, First Class, and Economy Class. AeroIndigo has been a member of the OneSky Alliance since 19xx.

Domestic Service

International Service

AeroIndigo's international routes are divided into two categories: Regional and Long Distance

Regional Destinations

Long Distance Destinations


  1. Early AeroIndigo planes were painted solid purple, but with paint which quickly faded to navy blue. The callsign BLUHOK (Blue Hawk) was chosen in reference to this.