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9, -40.9343, 160.3400
State of Aidlenaide
"Pu Con-pitohnsz Pui Puisonnse"
By Skill Not Power
"The Aidlenaider"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest citytbd
Official languagesN/A
 • Regional languagesIngerish, Nadiais
GovernmentState Government
 • GovernorSir Alex Thomas Ferguson
 • Vice GovernorJeniffer Alturnin
 • Attorney GeneralAdriana Lewis
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
 • Upper houseState House of The Senate
 • Lower houseState House of The Representitives
 • Estimate (tbd)tbd
 • Census (tbd)tbd
GDP (PPP)tbd
 • Totaltbd
 • Per capitatbd
GDP (nominal)tbd
 • Totaltbd

The State of Aidlenaide (Nadiais: Etad d'Naide) also known as Cradleway Isle-Hug is the 19th state located in the South East region of the Federal States. It shares borders with the F.S. States of New Carnaby, Passamaqueets, Fermont, Penquisset, Liberty and Oakley all in the West and the Ardentic Ocean in its East! It's largest city is Xavier, also beings its capital with its government offices and the State House residing there. It contains a bigger county as also considered as a metro, Greater Xavier.

Aidlenaide was once a former colony of the Ingerland and stayed so until gaining independence and joining the federal states in 1976.


The name Aidlenaide, is the name that was gotten from the middle name of Francis Chamberlain's father. He honored his father with the name and sent back a letter to him in Ingerland about his successes in the F.S.


The ship that carried Christian Xavier to Old Trappard.

The era was first known to have been occupied by humans probably 5,400 years ago. These early settlers were coastal, mostly settling around the coasts of Cradleway. Some of the settlers, mostly Native Archantans, have also settled here, but mostly in the central parts of the island. Producing agriculture in the area and trading with the others in the coastal areas. 4,000 years later the population crashed down, due to the Hurricane that happened in the area, killing almost 30,000 people. Lots of other people would later flee the area and went mainland. The area would never be occupied till the 1600s AD.

In 1698, the colony of New Essex was established by Christian Xavier, by Ingerland. It had only five governors at its founding even after the independence of the Federal States. At the Revolutionary War, Ingerland, secured the colony of New Essex and kept it as a colony due to the Nadian Peace Agreement signed in 17xx. But the agreement wouldn't solve much. The colony was constantly disputed. Citizens of New Essex Colony, now Aidlenaide would identify themselves as both, but the Federal States still budged to claim the colony. This dispute also factored in the Second Revolutionary War, as it ended both countries signed an agreement, the Frank-Nadian-Essex Accords. Which had the colony leased for 200 to the Ingerish and Franquese.

The colony adapted to Ingerish ways of life, most adapting to the Ingerish accent and combining Franquese as a second language. At the time 76% of citizens where bilingual. The colony also had adjusted to Ingerish measuring systems and time systems, Ingerish law and customs and more.

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