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Aklinin is a city situated in Southern Egani. It is the capital and most important metropolitan area of the Scanda Lilepanes with 140 000 inhabitants, while 95 000 people live in the city itself.


Aklinin is situated in southeastern Egani. The city lies in the valley of the Trad river, near its confluence with the Lika, 30 km from the sea.


The archeological excavations show that the city was founded 2600 years ago by the early Eganian inhabitants, near the lake that still exists nowadays. The village that was called Datom Limis was situated 20km from the sea and the ancient port of Kagresta, 10km closer than today as the coastline moved during the centuries thanks to the silts brought by the Trad river. In its early history it was situated on the intersections of the commercial routes from the port of Kagresta and from Alnisi to the north of the country, which helped its economical development. Wood used to be cut of around the developing village and transported on the river to the port to purvey the shipbuilding.

The city became the capital of the eastern province of the Alnisi kingdom in 761 and grew inside and then out of its walls during the middle ages. It was struck by the plague in 998 and 1048, where a third of the population died, but it wasn't contaminated by the plague of 1405. The port of Kagresta bogged down and its little town dwindled during the plague.

The town developed slowly and wasn't affected by the wars that occured in the northwest of the Kingdom in the 1600's and 1700's. It was a regional economical center but remained relatively small (about 10 000 inhabitants in 1720) until the 18th century and the emergence and development of the glassware and then the train industry.

The city developed and got linked to Alnisi and to the northern Eganian cities by train in 1868. Aklinin grew with its economy based on small industry and triving agriculture until the present days.


It is the economical center of the region. Aklinin has been an important production site for the rail industry since the 19th century. It helped Egani, with many other factories in other cities, to become the "motherland of train", as people say in this country covered by a dense network of railways. The main factory of the city is specialized in the production of tramways and small regional trains.

The economy is also based on agriculture because of it's situation in the center of the Trad river's valley. Several markets take place in the squares of the old town and the different districts and suburbs. Farmers from all the province sell fruits, vegetables, spices, honey, cheese and meat as well as typical craft items.

Tourism is also important, people from the country or foreign travellers come to Aklinin to visit the old town and its famous canals, its castle, gardens, fountains and its monumental train station, but they also come there to relax in the parks by the two lakes and to practice conoe on the river.


Aklinin is the starting point of three national roads and it is crossed by the trunkroad V6. Most of the towns in the region are linked to the Aklinin train station. Several daily trains also lead to Alnisi and to the rest of the cities of central Egani.

It has an extended bus system and also a small network of tramway.

Aklinin tramway network :

Aklinin tram.png