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TypeSuperstore, Hypermarket, Grocery Store
IndustrySuperstores and Hypermarkets
 Grocery Stores
HeadquartersQuentinsburgh, FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
Area Served FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia,
Karolia flag.png Karolia,
Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia,
Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon,
Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Rhododactylia,
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere,
Flag of Antharia.png Antharia,
Mergany Flag.png Mergany,
Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni,
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States,
Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti,
SubsidiariesAll-n-One Community Market
 All-n-One Urban Market
Parent CompanyFranklin's LLC
Web Site

All-n-One is a large superstore chain based out of Freedemia. It is owned by Franklin's.

The four arrows converging on a single spot represent the "All-n-one" concept- All quality products, All low prices, All great service, All in one place.


All-n-One was founded as Allmart in 1983 as a test of a larger, almost department store + supermarket layout by supermarket company Franklin's. The new stores often included pharmacies, vision areas, garden departments, clothing, and fast food restaurants. The new format stores did well within Freedemia, although they originally faced steep competition from companies like ValueMart and even some larger locations of Rose Market, Family Market, and sometimes even other Franklin's locations themselves.

The last logo of Allmart before the rebranding to All-n-One.


However, in 2000, they faced a looming lawsuit from another very large chain with a similar name. They settled out of court with the understanding that the former Allmart company would undergo a complete rebranding, including all products and store locations. By 2002, the transition was complete at all locations.



All-n-One has become very successful since the rebranding. All-n-One is currently ranked #1 in Freedemia in locations and customers, followed by sister store Franklin's in 2nd. In 2014 CanimoFoods came in 3rd, Rose Market in fourth. Stores like Marketfresh and Maxi also are popular in Freedemia, and ValueMart is still hanging in there as a superstore competitor.

However, since 2015, All-n-One has seen an increase in competition from new entries to the Freedemian superstore market. Gigante, a foreign chain, has become All-n-One's biggest competition among superstores/hypermarkets. Rose Market's relatively new RoseMax chain (formerly known as HalfnHalf Superstores), which combines a Rose Market supermarket and a Home & Closet department store under one roof has also seen a large amount of success, and a looming merger with ValueMart could make RoseMax a serious contender.

While they are often outranked in the "Nicest/Fanciest Shopping Experience" category, All-n-One and Franklin's continually rank 1st in the nation for "Best Value" (as in highest quality for the lowest prices) and "Nicest Shopping Experience for a Low Budget Supermarket".


In most other locations All-n-One isn't as dominant, usually being dwarfed by local companies from those nations. However, the operations tend to be successful enough to continue operation and select expansion.

Store Formats

  • All-n-One- the traditional superstore format. Locations are larger for urban areas, but they are more frequently seen in suburbs and major neighborhoods outside of downtowns.
  • All-n-One Urban Market- a brand new format first tested in the Ardisphere for major urban areas. Locations are greatly condensed, more walkable, less reliant on car parking and are frequently found in shopping malls and downtown commercial districts. Also known as All-n-One City Shops in some countries.
  • All-n-One Community Market- a smaller supermarket style format for rural areas and neighborhoods too small for a full sized All-n-One. This format was extremely popular in the past but has more recently been left behind in favor of locations of sister supermarket Franklin's.

Store Brands

All-n-One, along with sister stores owned by parent company Franklin's LLC, is the sole seller of several brands, such as-

  • All-the-Basics- groceries, food products, things like paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, etc (Also sold at Franklin's.)
  • All-Home- home products (Also sold at a few Franklin's locations)
  • All-Auto- car products
  • All-Health- pharmacy, medicines, supplements, etc (Also sold at select Franklin's locations with pharmacies.)
  • For the Office- office products (Also sold at select Franklin's locations, and at all Franklin's locations during back to school sales.)
  • Spring Clean- cleaning products (Also sold at Franklin's.)
  • ColorMe- crayons, markers, coloring and crafts supplies

Going International

All-n-One went international in 2013, opening their first three international locations in the suburbs of Murthwaite, Lydgate, and Wiwaxmouthe in Wiwaxia and two brand new Urban Market locations, the first of their kind, in Villa Constitucion in the Ardisphere. Most other locations are located within Freedemia, although more locations in the Ardisphere are being considered. A location was opened in Khaiwoon in 2015 as well, and locations in Rhododactylia are beginning to open up across the nation. All-n-One just recently expanded to Karolia under the local name Kaikka-Ühësa and to the Demirhan Empire under the name Hepsi Bir. Today, All-n-One has locations in Antharia, Ardisphere, Demirhan Empire, Freedemia, the Federal States, Karolia, Khaiwoon, Mergany, Rhododactylia, Viljanni and Wiwaxia.

All-n-One's sister store, Franklin's Supermarkets, had recently also been looking to expand internationally, in 2015 having locations in the Ardisphere, in Balonis, and in Khaiwoon. However, since then all international Franklin's stores have shut down, and the company has been moving forward with All-n-One branding in new formats for all international endeavors.