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8, -15.478, 17.963
Allendean Republic
República Allendeana
The official flag of Allendea, the Bandera de Junio.
"Junto, Libre y Progresando."
Together, Free and Progressing.
La Canción de los Allendeanos
and largest city
Villa Fojenica
Official languagesCastellanese
 • Regional languagesCapuchean
Ethnic Groups
Allendean 73%, Mixed Allendean-Foreign 23%, Others 3%
NationalitiesAllendean 73%, Tigerian 12%, Compaglian 11%, Others 4%
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
 • PresidentJúan Dialés
 • Vice PresidentCallín Ayunes
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseChamber of Deputies
 • Total105803.28 km2
40850.87 sq mi sq mi
 • Estimate (1999)11.500.000
 • Census (2017)11.267.531
 • Total922 billion (USD)
 • Per capita20.481 (USD)
GDP (nominal)
 • Total408 billion (USD)
 • Per capita9.054
HDI (2017)0.825
very high
CurrencyAllendean Peso (ALP)
Internet TLD.ra

Allendea, officially the Allendean Republic (Castellanese República Allendeana) is a country in South Tarephia. It borders SobokoFlag.png Soboko, Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria, Compadrap.png Compaglia, Ferran, Kurromatania and the Côte d'Or.


Congress (Congreso Allendeano)

Congreso Allendeano.svg

  Union Civica: 25 seats
  Allendea Federal: 22 seats
  Frente de la Victoria: 9 seats
  Terónismos: 6 seats
  Los Justicalistas: 2 seats
  Los Agostinos: 2 seats
  Others: 6 seats
  Alternativa para Allendea: 1 seat


Pre-Colonial era

Before colonization, Allendea was very sparsely populated. It had about 10.000 residents. Most of those residents were nomads. There were so many tribes that it is too hard to specify. The largest group was Penhuelche at about 3.2% of all the populace.

Colonial era

The first Castellanese arrived in 1536. They created multiple forts, including Villa Fojenica as Fort Fojenica, La Tuña as Fort East Fojenica, and Callín as Cobre City. All of the coastal area of what now is Allendea aswell as the Floxiwas area was annexed 1572. As they went expanding northwards, they founded a lot of cities, most notably San Miguel del Cobre, Neurey, Villa Agosto, Nueva Catham and Azul, the areas around it were controlled by Castellan, however they claimed all of what is now Allendea. When the colony of Allendea was established 1659, the Castellanese were slowly establishing more towns, and controlled the lands of Allendea. However, there were some wars, such as the Fojenic Wars or the Battle of Rabenthaler.

Independence and civil wars