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The Aloran Army is the main fighting force for the Alora Flag 800.png Alora which also includes Takora Flag.png Takora. This force does most of the fighting and military maneuvers during military campaigns and exercises. The Aloran army includes Infantry, Heavy infantry, Artillery, Aircraft, Reconnaissance and special Ops as well as Administrative and Supply departments. It is complete with its own Welfare and Medical care staff as well.

Army Service Requirement

Citizens not currently participating in higher education are required to serve in one of the military branches of service at least as a reservist, but are free to choose which military branch that they want to join. Typically the compulsory service period is 2 years active duty service or 3 years active reserve. Both carry a 3 year inactive reserve component at the end of the enlistment period. Incentives for active duty and reserve service includes a college scholarship of 35,000₮ Citizens that have received a College or University degree can enroll in the commissioning program to serve out their service requirement as a commissioned officer.


The reserve is called upon during special military exercises and during wartime to supplement the Army while at War. During this time service members become active duty members and are given full advantages of a full active duty servicemember including credit for time in service. In addition Army reservists can serve alongside the domesti guard forces as well in the event of a national emergency or attack.

Rank Structure


  • Inductees are recruited as enlisted recruits EN-1R or officer candidates CO-1C.
  • Enlisted
    • Enlisted ranks EN-1 thru EN-3 are standard rates
    • ranks EN-4 and above are classified as Non-Commissioned officers
    • staff NCOs are those ranking EN-6 and EN-7
    • senior staff NCOs are EN-8 and EN-9.

Enlisted Rank Insignia

AA Enlisted rank insignia


  • Warrant Officers
    • These are officers that have special administrative billets and serve as commanding officers and leaders of special units liek supply units, avionics units, logistics units and also serve as officers on command and control billets as well. this is only a partial listing of these billets.
    • To become a warrant officer an enlisted person must be a Staff or Senior NCOs, and in a billet where warrant officers are appointed. Educational requirement include having a 4-year degree in college which can be earned via correspondence credits thru the military education programs or from a college or university that provides distance education.
  • Commissioned officers
    • To become a commissioned officer in the army a citizen must have completed a 4-year degree and be qualified to enter the Commissioning Entrance Program (CEP) and becomes an officer candidate. (this is similar to enlisted boot camp.) Upon graduation they become a Second Lieutenant (CO-1) or if with honors a First Lt. (CO-2)
    • Enlisted servicemembers seeking to become a commissioned officer must be an NCO with the minimum rank of Corporal (EN-4) or be a Lance Corporal (EN-3) that is EN-4 eligible to enroll. They must also have completed a 4 year degree (which can be completed while enlisted) Rank and time in service will determine rank upon graduation from the Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP). Typically Junior NCOs will become a First Lt. (CO-2), while staff NCOs could commissioned as Captain (CO-3).
    • Commissioned Officer Rank Categories
      • Company Grade CO-1 thru CO-3
      • Field Grade CO-4 thru CO-6
      • General Grade CO-7 thru CO-11

Officer Rank Insignia

AA Officer rank insignia