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The Ambassador Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that connects the countries of Lost country.png Abrilleron and Reserved country.png Mallorjhe. It goes from Borders City on the Abrilleran side to name goes here on the Mallorjhe side. The Ambassador Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world, spanning more than three kilometres with three lanes per direction and two railway tracks. It is also one of the most used bridges in the world.


The Ambassador Bridge was opened on the 20th of May 1985.

Early plans

The first plans for the bridge were made as early as 1910, when a report titled name goes here suggested that a bridge be built between the two nations to make goods transport between the two nations easier. The report suggested a 20 metre wide road. This plan was picked up multiple times in the next few years, but the project was eventually dropped.

In the late 1960's the seaports of Akesia and Port Mallore started to become severely congested. The plan for a road bridge was picked up again, but heavily changed. The new plan included two motorway bridges, 30 m apart, with a railway line in the middle, as well a some administrative changes on the Abrilleron side. The actual construction was heavily delayed due to environmental concerns however, because the bridge was originally planned to go through a nature reserve to reduce costs. The plans were therefore changed.


Construction of the bridge finally started in 1978, starting on the Mallorjhe side. Additionally, work started on the access points to the bridge. The bridge was mostly complete in 1983, but work on the bridge carried on until 1985, when the bridge was opened to the public.