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Democratic Republic of Ambera
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
""Proud Nation of Archanta
Fière nation d'Ambera""
Ambera We Rise />
"Ambera nous nous levons"
CapitalFive Rivers
Largest cityMontcalm
Official languagesEnglish, French
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
 • ChancellorPolhiva Estrobach
 • Deputy ChancellorBarbara Sinops
LegislatureThe Parliament of Ambera
 • Total1459 km2
289 sq mi
 • Water (%)0.9
 • Census (2016)14,588,603
 • Density516/km2
360/sq mi
GDP (nominal)
 • Total2019
 • Per capita$58,882
HDI (2017)Increase 0.826
very high
CurrencyAmberan Dollar (AM)

Ambera, officially named the Democratic Republic of Ambera is a country in South Archanta. The country is comprised of 6 states which abides to the constitution. The capital city, Five Rivers is a planned capital constructed in the 1920s. More information to follow as the country develops.


Ambera is a flat and fertile flatland. Ambera is known for producing a large percentage of South Archanta's crops since the soil is very rich in nutrients. Near the south end of the country, there is a group of large hills called the Amberan Hills.


Year Information
April 1923 Explorers migrate from the Federal States of Archanta to seek out more land to colonize.
May 1925 The very first settlers begin building Tynemouth, a town close to present-day Ampthill. Tyne mouth was the very first settlement in Ambera.
June 1923 The first sailors head toward the Southern Islands to form Inuitian Station. After setting sail in Lago Araquin, they squeezed through the Araquin River and sail south.
January 1932 Scotvenese kingdoms begin to complain about the colonizers finding hospitality in their homes.
March 1932 The Amberean leader signs a treaty with the Scotvie Kingdoms.
The Ambera-Scotvie Treaty First Act: The colony of Ambera has no right to take hospitality in Scotvenese homes.

Second Act: Scotvenese people may sign a petition that asks for any assistance from the Amberean government if completely necessary (as in emergencies that threaten the civilization).

March 1957 First settlers start building the original Belkaran, which is now Old Town).
April 1957 First discovery of the oldest oxygen in a glacier near Inuitian Station.
2003 The first people begin building Amberean Outpost, a small research village dedicated to understanding the frozen islands of the Southern Islands.
This is the end of the second development. More history is planned to be written in the future.

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