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12, 57.0390, 141.0964
Capital City
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"For the King over the River!"
CountryMontran Flag.jpg Nordmark
 • Federal StateAnderton
 • Chairman of the Metropolitan Assembly
 • Mayor of Anderton
 • Estimate (2018)1 704 694
Postal CodeAN01
Telephone Code01

Anderton is the capital and largest city of both State of Anderton and the Republic of Nordmark. Standing on the Steward River in the west of Nordmark, at the head of its 40 km estuary leading to the XY Bay, Anderton has been a major settlement for one millennium. The City of Anderton, Anderton's ancient core retains boundaries that follow closely its medieval limits. The medieval city is a foundation of the Edwards ruling family, which rose to power in Nordmark in the 14th century. According to 14th-century historiography, Anderton was founded on 7 May 1191 by Edward I, Duke of Anderton. Metropolis of Anderton is governed by the Mayor of Anderton and the Metropolitan Assembly.

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