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Angela Rosenthal (born 1987) is the current president of the United Freedemian Union (Freedemia). She is famous for being the underdog president in the 2014 Presidential Election. Her former vice President, Tom Morganson, was expected to win but only won second place (hence Vice President. see Government System on Freedemia wiki.)

Angela Rosenthal, president of Freedemia since 2014.

Before Presidency

Angela Rosenthal grew up in Quentinsburgh. As an above average student, Rosenthal graduated high school at age 17 and graduated from Quentins State International University two years early in 2006 second in her class with a major in Education and minors in science and history. Rosenthal was elected SGA President at QSU her junior year, and was partially responsible for bringing funding to the school for the North Campus and an improved SnapperShuttle.

Upon graduating, Rosenthal originally got a job as a civics teacher's assistant due to her interests in Freedemian government at Gerald High School. However, in 2008 she was offered a job as a chemistry teacher elsewhere and she took the opportunity. After working as a chemistry teacher in the Quentinsburgh district, in 2010 Rosenthal became a principal at Quentinsburgh's main downtown high school, James Fredrick High School. Rosenthal's life went much further than the classroom- She was seen as a leader in her community and an activist for the causes of education, transit, and social justice. While she understood quite well how the governmental system worked and about the issues facing many Freedemians, she knew very little about the ways of politics, and wasn't very well known outside of the Quentinsburgh area.

In December of 2012, as a New Year's present, about 500 students and 40 teachers from James Fredrick High School, as well as about 3,000 people from the surrounding community, signed a petition to get Angela Rosenthal to run in the 2014 election. Some were dissatisfied with their options, while others simply saw her as exactly the type of leader Freedemia needed. Despite her initial hesitation, Rosenthal decided to start a grassroots campaign and go for it.

2014 Campaign and Election

Angela was definitely an underdog in the 2014 election. Members of the FFP (Freedemian Funding Party) were quoted saying "We didn't choose her for the final 5 because she was well known. We had no idea who she was. We chose her from that group based off of her qualifications, her honesty, perseverance, trustworthiness and her standing in her community." Almost all public polls starting off favored Tom Morganson, former mayor of Graham City. He had years of political experience and was generally kind of popular, although he had made some questionable decisions in office. Most expected for vice president Marco Nelson to easily come in second.

Angela used her status as an unknown to her advantage. She used the funding money she was given by the Freedemian Funding Party very wisely. She became famous for her cheaply made, yet quality commercials stating that "the presidency is not a popularity contest" and that "the citizens of Freedemia need to vote for who they believe can do the best". She made most tours and visits to various cities by way of public transit, Greenleaf buses and FreedemiRail trains as to not waste funding money. Rosenthal ran the lowest budget campaign of any winning candidacy since 1906.

Rosenthal's campaign logo in 2014.
A rough sketch of President Rosenthal from her first State of the Freedemian Union address, where she introduced the Industry Initiative and the Healthcare Expansion Act.

While Rosenthal's campaign didn't really have a catchy flagship slogan ("Angela" and "Rosenthal" aren't as easy to rhyme as "Doof" or "Bond") , the campaign eventually settled for using "Proven Integrity. Proven Leadership." as the slogan. Most of Rosenthal's ads would start off talking about Rosenthal and her qualifications, and then end with Rosenthal talking about how the election wasn't about who was the most popular, but who Freedemians thought would do the best job.

Angela's status as a "newbie" greatly appealed to the everyday public, and she quickly gained more support than anyone expected, surprising even her own campaign team. Her grassroots movement would quickly swell into a viable campaign. Polls leading up to the election showed Rosenthal barely in third with 24% behind Marco Nelson with 25%. The last poll before the election showed Rosenthal in second with about 36% to Morganson's 43%.

In the end, the nation ended up being peacefully divided, as about half valued Rosenthal's integrity, intelligence, and community standing, while the other half valued Morganson's political experience more strongly.

Some have questioned why Marco Nelson, an experienced candidate who had served as VP in the past, didn't have a stronger run than he did. While Nelson was technically more qualified than Morganson, it appears that the public associated Nelson with the insanity and corruption of the Robert Kenderson administration, hurting Nelson's image.

Election Results

The final two runs were very close. To everyone's surprise, Rosenthal and Morganson practically tied going into the final runoff election (41% Morganson, 40% Rosenthal), with other candidates such as Marco Nelson, former vice president under President Kenderson (12%) not even coming close. In the last runoff election, Rosenthal barely came ahead by just a large enough margin that she won the Presidency. Morganson won the vice presidency due to coming in second, a position he would later resign.

The results of the 2014 election before the top two runoff election.
The results of the 2014 runoff election. Rosenthal would gain just enough Marco Nelson supporters to beat Tom Morganson for president.

VP Tom Morganson's Resignation

Newscaster Patrick Houser elected new VP

Patrick Houser, the current VP of Freedemia.

Upon Tom Morganson's resignation, the Freedemian Funding Party held a new election for vice president to find a replacement. Franklinsburgh newscaster Patrick Houser ran against Graham City educator Diane Wooten-Whitaker, former vice president Anne Redsten, and former vice president Marco Nelson. In a surprise upset, seemingly coming largely from Anne Redsten dropping out of the race, Houser would barely defeat Marco Nelson to become the new vice president of Freedemia.

Acts as President so far

  • Equal Pay Initiative- equal work means equal pay, with exceptions of those who cannot work as well who will receive financial assistance.
  • Industry Initiative- Freedemian industry is expanding outward, as well as helping many more international industries to move into Freedemia
  • Transit Signage and International Connections Act of 2014- All Freedemian Unionway and Motorway signage to be redesigned to be more effective and bilingual (Ingerish and Latinian) by 2020, and Unionways and other roadways to become better connected to surrounding nations and areas, especially the Autonomous Province of Nature and Republic of Narghana. This act hasn't really gone as far as Rosenthal originally hoped. This was probably Rosenthal's only major failed act so far in office.
  • Healthcare Expansion Act- new hospitals and healthcare facilities to be funded and created to help fill in the gaps so everyone has access to good healthcare.
  • Technology Innovation Initiative- helping Freedemia become a world leader in science, technology and innovation
  • Improved Relations with Woolonia- bringing Freedemia and Woolonia into much closer relations, helping to stabilize Freedemia while gaining access to new resources and gaining new allies.
  • Citizenship Reform Act of 2015- In the new act, if an individual has no criminal record and proper identification, he or she will be put on a fast-track to become a Freedemian citizen; families given consideration; people with criminal records but with a long period of time since past offenses given consideration. see here for details
  • Spending Reduction and Funding Reallocation Act (SRAFRA)- Reduction in political campaign funding and military spending to put that money elsewhere. see here for details
  • Water Affordability and Water Accessibility Act (WAWAA)- steps towards making drinking water free and regular water affordable and accessible to everyone. see here for details
  • Restroom And Water Access Act (RAWAA) steps towards more public restrooms and water fountains available to combat restroom and water fountain shortages. see here for details

2018 Campaign and Election

Other Events during Presidency

  • PLAG v Freedemian Funding Party ruling- activist groups and other political organizations could be considered unconstitutional "implied political parties". see here for details
  • Passing of Amendment 30- Naturist protections amendment Eliminates indecent exposure laws nationwide and replaces them with "indecent behavior" laws, while protecting barechested equality and public nudism/naturism as rights. see here for details
  • Graham City Crisis recovery process begins
  • Walden v VAULT ruling- water is a fundamental right and cannot be included in "no food, no drink" policies. see here for details