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Z11, -47.58829 °S, 44.63548 °E
Barony of Anghireston and the Gaze Isle
Flag of Anghireston

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Barony in Winn
Capital Goalsfort
Largest city Ten Oaks
Country Winn
Region Carann
Area 410.74 km2
Demonym Anghirestonian
Postcode AN
Website www.anghireston.wn

Anghireston, in full the Barony of Anghireston and Gaze Isle is one of the 50 baronies of Winn, located on the Island of Carann, in the Carann national region, on the northern end. The capital is Goalsfort, which is barely smaller than the largest city in the barony, Ten Oaks. The barony borders with Yearswall in the south, Southtale in the southeast, Islemund in the northeast (Grimmstan), and is connected by the Pontstone Highway Bridge to Oldcross in the north.


Anghireston is a largely urban barony with many urban centres throughout. A majority of population is located around the Göhe river, which flows through the southern end of the barony. Places such as Goalsfort, Göham and Temple are found near this river. Additionally, the northern coastline of the barony also has a number of large urban areas, such as Kanntster, Day Lingstone, Poard Bayand Tomming. Between these two large urban ribbons lies a largely open area, through which the N-06 highway goes. Ten Oaks lies carefully positioned near the Göhe river and this highway. The southeastern end of the barony is notable for containing the Taler Hills, in the otherwise overwhelmingly flat barony. The isle of Gaze is also a part of the barony, and is a mostly flat and urban isle.


The barony of Anghireston has Gaermic origins, which can be represented in the name of the river Göhe, or the names of several towns and villages in the barony. Towards the end of the colonization, it was passed to a Franquese owner, which is where names of towns such as Letté and Bargeau come from. The barony of Anghireston was admitted to Winn in 1658, and existed of not much more than the area between Goalsfort and Day Lingstone. Over time, more small territories were added to this barony, including the Barony of Great Gaze in 1855, which included Letté as well, and the Barony of Tommswoal in 1869. History to be written



Anghireston is divided into XX municipalities. WIP.

Flag Municipality Municipal Seat Size (km2)


The largest city in Anghireston is Ten Oaks, slightly smaller than the capital, Goalsfort. Other large places include Day Lingstone, Göham, Temple, Tomming and Kanntster.


Road Transport

The N-06 highway slithers through the entire barony, entering underneath Letté, past Göham, Ten Oaks and exits the barony at Tomming. Additional connections with the N-105 towards Old Brimm and Tripolis, connecting to the N-107 to Gun's Wind and the N-11 towards Pontum and other mainland destinations exist.

Rail Transport

The mainline between Callefort and Pontum goes through Anghireston. Intercity trains stop at Goalsfort Central Station. From Goalsfort, three branches deviate - a branch towards Kanntster, a branch towards Filtham and Löthkinch, and a branch towards Göham and Connfurt, connecting there to the mainline from Port Yearstone to Gun's Wind and Tripolis. Additionally, from Ten Oaks Station, a branch departs towards Grimmstan, which is connected to the mainland through only a bus service to Isleton Station.

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