Anglesbury Island

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Anglesbury Island
LocationSouth East Ardentic Ocean
Coordinates55.424°S 139.883°W
Area17743.01 km²
6850.58 sq mi
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury
NationsAorangëa Anglesbury flag.svg Anglesbury
East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury
Aorangëa Whingina flag.svg Nao Rānga
Aorangëa 3rd City flag.svg Elleah
Pop. density172.52/km2 (446.83/sq mi)
Anglesbury Island is an island in the southeastern Ardentic Ocean off the western coast of Kartumia. The island is 262 kilometres (163 mi) in length, 104 kilometres (65 mi) in width at its widest point, and 17743 km² (6851 sq mi) in area. The island is home to three nations of Aorangēa, its namesake Anglesbury, Nao Rānga and the city of Elleah, as well as the Ingerish Overseas Territory of East Anglesbury.


The island is separated from Youcesterland in the south by the Natāra Strait, which is 8km wide at its narrowest point. The Anglesbury Ranges run most of the length of the island. Only 2km off the north-western tip the island of Yawk can be found, separated only at high tide. At low tide, a wadden sea more than twice the size of yawk Island itself emerges from the ocean. A chain of ten barrier islands shields the wetlands form the bare ocean. In prehistoric times, a meteor impact formed the Follay Strait, an annular inlet with a 38km diameter on the north eastern coast. In the south, the The Anglesbury Ranges form the most of the border between Aorangēa in the west and East Anglesbury in the east, with Tarlivale on the easeten slopes forming an autonomous province of Anglesbury.



There are major highways radiating out of Whangiora and connecting it with Fawltryncham, Elleah and the Natāratunnel which offers a rail shuttle for road vehicles to Youcesterland.


Most of the rail network is centered on Whangiora with its metropolitan services. Long distance services are provided as well, even into Youcesterland, albeit with varying service patterns between once-a-week and once-an-hour. There are no high speed services offered, but some stretches of the mainlines allow speed up to 200km/h, which enable schedules competitive to the airlines.


There are several ferry services to neighbouring islands and as far as Rainbow's End in Pelanesia. Most of the longer distance services are Ro-Ro cruise ferries. Other sea services, including freight and cruises may be operated under a local flag or under cabotage restrictions.


Whangiora Airport is the largest airport on the island, offering connections to many countries. There are several smaller airports around the island, with only Fawltryncham's airport also offering overseas services.

Typical introduced species of Anglesbury