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Area c. 9,500,000 km2
Population 99,999,999
Number of countries 100
Demonym Antarephian

Antarephia is a continent that lies south of Tarephia, divided from Tarephia by the Strait of Lyc that at its narrowest point is only 55 km wide. Antarephia is situated entirely south of the equator.

Names Antarephia


Bodies of Water

Islands and Archipelagos



List of states

Flag Coat of arms Name Territory Area
Population density
(per km²)
Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Flag3.jpg Aulean coat arms.jpeg Auleus AN142e Carran Official Name is Aulean Confederation, informally known as Auleus
Brulias AN135 Rusden Official name is Reinum da Brulias (Kingdom of Brulias)
Example.jpg Example.jpg Eleutheria AN124 Wuling
Auhstrasunoteroflag.svg Example.jpg Aŭstrasuno Tero AN150k 114,177.103 7,061,000 61.843 Aŭstraĉefurbo The official name is Granda Unio de Aŭstrasuno Tero. Aŭstrasuno Tero is a shorter version of the official name, also it is informally known as Aŭstro.
Cinasia.png Example.jpg Cinasia AN123 138,248.78 Yu-Hing 德華民國 Republic of Cinasia
Eskea Flag V1.png Example.jpg Eskea AN144 Portsend The official name is The Unitary Government Of Eskea
Esterlonflag1.png Esterloncoat.png Esterlon AN142i Huntington Federal Republic of Esterlon
Flag of Guai.svg Seal of Guai.svg Guai AN141b 5,923,400 191.25 Pirindi Guai has no official name. Consequently, it is referred just as Guai for all official purposes
Flag.png Example.jpg Jefferson AN134b
Keze flag.png CoA.png Kėzėpölān AN331c ꘃꗽꕶꕞ
Leresso-Flag.png Kadmar coat of arms.jpg Leresso AN141b Aludres Sovereign Confederated Republic of Leresso
Siran Flag.png Example.jpg Lossira AN152b 115,636.81 Doramas The official name is the Kingdom of Lossira. The country is widely known as Lossira.
Luciano Flag MH.png Example.jpg Mahhal AN160 130145.2 32,164,000 247.1 Rewk Mahhal Dolla Byky Rewk Mahhal
Meilan flag.png Example.jpg Meilan TA119a 100,963 (99,608 on Antarephia) 37,728,000 (36,970,000 on Antarephia) Beishan Republic of Meilan; 美兰共和国
Montran Flag.jpg Montran Crowned Coat of Arms.png Montran AN142a 29,372.67 7,564,823 257.55 Anderton Federal Kingdom of Montran
Ohemiaflag.PNG Ocvolu1.png Ohemia AN143 334160.69 6,100,000 Corrostance The Pronounced Republic Of Ohemia
1200px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Example.jpg Pasalia AN150e 16,745,987 Pasaliapolis Constitutional Monarchy of The Kingdom of Pasalia
PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar shield.png Paxtar AN141 707,560 Sansimeon Republic Dá Paxtār
Planoria.png Example.jpg Planoria AN150c 3,845,204 7850.89 45 Arlington The Republic Of Planoria. Often called Planioria
Shadze-Ma Flag.png Example.jpg Shadze-Ma AN331b 200 165,000 Yshon Soranasgee Poblakct Doon o'Shadze-Ma
Suya Ahn.png Suya Ahn AN141f 5,993,145 Dura Ahn Suya Ahn Res Pub Lak Di Ha (Federal Republic of Suya Ahn)
TarrasesFlagforMini.png Luciano COA DT.png Tárrases AN160 186 390,100 2097.3 Tárrases
Flag of Tojmidia.png Tojmidia AN141f 10,032 860,000 86 Olbayan United Republic of Tojmidia
Udenarrat flag.png Ūdzđąnąrąt AN331 1050 50,000-250,000 47-238 [varies/none]
Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanne coat.jpg Ullanyé AN152a 40,514 6,177,823 152.5 Etatono
Waldon Flag.png Waldon Coat of arms.png Waldon AN142b Wyford
Wenesinia flag.PNG Example.jpg Wenesinia AN330 Sanata
West kadmar flag.jpg Kadmar coat of arms.jpg West Kadmar AN141a 11,174.88 1,364,100 122 Magenta Semi-Autonomous Province Of West Kadmar (Leresso)
Woolflag.jpg Example.jpg Woolonia AN133 New Wooley
Vilvetian Republic flag.png Example.jpg Vilvetia AN336 946.40 282 504 298.5 Aëbemare The Vilvetian Republic


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