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8, -56.432, -139.351
Republic of Aorangëa
CapitalGovernment Territories
Largest cityWhangiora
Official languagesIngerish ...
GovernmentFederal Republic
 • President of AorangëaTBD
 • ChancellorTBD
LegislatureAorangëan Parliament
 • Upper houseFirst Chamber
 • Lower houseThird Chamber
 • Total68 506.45 km2
26 461.80 sq mi
 • Estimate4 624 293
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
GDP (nominal)TBD
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
HDI (TBD)Increase 1.0
very high
TimezoneWUT -10/-9:30/-9
CurrencyAorangëan Dollar ($) Banknote AOD 5A.jpg (AOD)
Drives on theleft

Aorangēa is a federal republic composed of nine nations and four territories. It is located about 600km off the south-western Kartumian coast, and 400km south of New Ingerland. It shares a major land border with East Anglesbury as well as a smaller one with New Ingerland on a shared island. The majority of the population speaks local Kartumian dialacts of Ingerish, while in some areas other languages, idigenous as well as immigrated ones, dominate. The country consists of many islands, the largest three being Anglesbury, Youcesterland and Kiranēna Island.


A mountain range along the west coast causes a moist climate in the western parts. The eastern parts of the islands are relatively flat.

Anglesbury Island is the largest and most denseley populated island. The island is shared between Aorangëa and East Anglesbury. A meteorite impact about 150 million years ago created an annular bay at the north-eastern coast. The countryside is dominated by farmland and forests.

Youcesterland has a slightly colder climate than Anglesbury Island. Population is centered around the northern and eastern coast. The countryside is dominated by pastures and forests.

Kiranēna Island has a significantly colder climate than the big islands. The countryside is dominated by heath and forests, which are not suitable for significant argiculture. The island is very sparsely inhabited. Most of the population live at the coast. The highest mountains are found on the island.




In 1622 the first Ingerish outpost was founded on the northern island. Two immigration waves in 1648 and 1777 increased the Ingerish population, mostly in the outposts. These outposts, collectively called the Seven Ports of the South, only had some hinterland and stayed isolated to the rest of the island.

The 3rd City was a trade outpost populated by different Kartumian traders with no hinterland.




Redbeard's Island came under the control of a pirate only known as "Davy Jones II" in 1772.

Second Ingerish Immigration Wave (1777)


In 1808 the Anglesbury Colony comprising the Seven Ports and most of the northern island was founded.

A large part of the native population moved south to the City of Elleah and the Naoran controlled southern part of the island. The Youcester Colony was founded on the south island in 1815.


Rising unrest from the remaining native population and a decline in Ingerish interest lead to an independence movement. The Viceroy of Youcester was granted hereditiary Dukedom as a desperate attempt of the Ingerish government. The independence movement finally resulted in decolonisation in 1836. Some royalists move to East Anglesbury which decides to remain under Ingerish control.

Most other parts of the archipelago became part of Aorangēa. The country is divided into nations, provinces and territories. The remaining part of Anglesbury joined as a nation, as well as the Youcester Colony. The independent but mostly unorganized countries of Naora, Móllaigh and Waikaori formed three other nations. Rainbow's End?

The mostly uninhabited areas in the South became the Southern Islands Territory.


The City of Elleah joins the federation in 1877 when influences from rivaling Kartumian countries threaten the security of the city.


From Industrialisation to Modern History

Redbeard's Island became AN mandate in 1920 (Aorangëa Redbeard AN flag.svg) when civil order collapsed. It was handed over to the Aorangëan Federation in 1943.

In 1953, a referendum was held to unify the different currencies used on the archipelago. As a result, fostered by a probably unwise combination of improperly formulated questions, the electorate decided to unify the currencies but to keep most of their local currency system. The currencies were indeed unified by use of a fixed exchange rate system, while the old currency systems gave the names or labels for the new coins and banknotes. The currency situation is still confusing for many. But as the system is working, the confusion reduced by electronic payment methods, and the topic being politically poisoned, the system will likely remain unchanged. Also all referenda have been banned since.

In 1924 the theocratic party won the elections. After managing to be re-elected once narrowly, they used some legislative loopholes to the extend the parliament term indefinetely. Their position was, that the end of the world was near anyway, and further elections would only interfere with the preparations for the apocalypse.

While the theocratic government was quite successfull in pushing the country's economy closer to complete destruction, the only thing eventually doomed was the political influence of the cleric after spiritual leaders turned out not only to be absolutely incompetent, but also as immoral as only their grimmest sermons would give account of. Additionally, the desire of the government to take part in the upcoming War (or even starting it, if no one else would do) to accelerate the apocalypse finally lead to the revolution of 1937.

This ended the trip into the Middle Ages. As a result, any religious references were removed from constitution and institutions and all religious privileges were revoked.




Politics of Aorangëa

Provinces and Territories

Level 3

Flag Name area (km²) Pop. Rel. 3 Rel. 4 Rel. L
Aorangëa Anglesbury flag.svg Anglesbury 16061.39 2 134 700 94738 - 59582
Aorangëa Whingina flag.svg Naora 8358.12 929 049 94734 33780 34980
Aorangëa Upper Waikaoriri flag.svg Móllaigh 3096.22 423 730 94707 33968 61474
Aorangëa 3rd City flag.svg Elleah 76.72 268 570 94737 61472 61425
Aorangëa Rainbow's End flag.svg Rainbow's End 937.41 225 745 X 42681 36479
Aorangëa Beaminstershire flag.svg Nether Youcestershire 918.86 261 910 94705 73859 136718
South Aorangëa flag.svg Waikaoriri 1259.71 186 100 94703 74155 136704
Aorangëa Beaminster Yellow flag.svg Upper Youcestershire 1833.55 157 219 94704 74154 136720
Aorangëa Redbeard flag.svg Redbeard's Island 67.72 26 534 94733 40302 34979
Aorangëa Southern Territories flag.svg Southern Territories 4002.67 10 659 94706 34213 136723
TheHallowLandsFlag.svg Duchess' Territory 38.39 77 94702 33900 94702
Aorangëa Government flag.svg Government Territories 0.26 0 X 34234 34234
Aorangëa military bases flag.svg Military Bases 7.17 0 X 33899 33899

Level 6

See List of Shires of Aorangēa



1 $ note

The Aorangëan Dollar is used in Aorangëa. It is worth about 31.54 USD.


Name Date Date 2019 Date 2020 Date 2021 Date 2022
New Year 1. January 1. January / 25 Yulemon 1. January / 6 Andaryule 1. January / 18 Andaryule 3. January / 2 Andaryule
Constitution Day 20. February 20. February / 16 Holymon 20. February / 26 Holymon 22. February / 11 Barylemon 21. February / 21 Holymon
Black Thursday 5 weeks before White Thursday 13. June / 10 Myrkmon 4. June / 13 Myrkmon 20. May / 26 Stormon 9. June / 10 Myrkmon
Blue Monday 11 weeks before Yellow Monday 1. July / 28 Myrkmon 22. June / 2 Whittymon 7. June / 27 Myrkmon 27. June / 28 Myrkmon
White Thursday 60 days before Yellow Monday 18. July / 16 Whittymon 9. July / 19 Whittymon 24. June / 15 Whittymon 14. July / 16 Whittymon
Fancy Friday Friday before 3rd Monday in Berrymon 13. September / 14 Yellymon 4. September / 17 Yellymon 20. August / 13 Yellymon 9. September / 14 Yellymon
Yellow Monday Third Monday in Yellymon 16. September / 17 Yellymon 7. September / 20 Yellymon 23. August / 16 Yellymon 12. September / 17 Yellymon
Pumpkin Monday Last Monday in October 28. October / 30 Gerrymon 26. October / 10 Haymon 25. October / 20 Haymon 31. October / 7 Haymon
Yule 1st 26. December 26. December / 30 Errayule 29. December / 15 Andaryule 29. December / 26 Yulemon 26. December / 4 Andaryule
Yule 2nd 27. December 27. December / 1 Andaryule 30. December / 16 Andaryule 27. December / 24 Yulemon 27. December / 5 Andaryule
Yule 3rd 28. December 30. December / 4 Andaryule 28. December / 14 Andaryule 28. December / 25 Yulemon 28. December / 6 Andaryule



Pronounciation of placenames: Some placenames contain the letter Ȝ which is pronounced x

before a/o/u, or ç
before e/i/y.

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