April 5 attacks

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The April 5 attacks, (referred to as the April 5th massacre, and 4/05), were a series of violent, mass protests, territorial disputes, and coordinated terrorist attacks on Belphenia in Remiville and it's metropolitan area, Erzanna City, Shirahoshi, Greridia, Zerephine City and other major cities and towns by a terrorist organization called the Destructive Prime, led by its leader and guild master, Heidi Law on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. The riots and attacks killed 106,730 people within two weeks and caused at least 58,000,000S in property and infrastructure damage. It was the most violent riot ever took place in Belphenia that resulted in violent territorial disputes between Remiville, Erzanna, Edaleria and Zerephine governments and the Destructive Prime Guild over the exposure of the truth about Sasuke Volkman's regime and cult of personality among Belphenians including the military, that led to the overthrow of Sasuke's regime at Olympic Stadium on April 19, 2011.