Archanta Champions League

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The Archanta Champions League is an annual continental football competition between clubs in Archanta. Each nation in the continental confederation is designated a certain number of entrant spots depending on the standing of their respective domestic leagues. The competition begins with preliminary rounds, followed by a group stage and knockout competition. Internationally, it is one of the most followed club competitions. The winners of the competition are guaranteed a group stage place in the following tournament and quality for the OGFIFA Club World Cup.

Archanta Champions League 2019/2020

Name City Stadium
FC Gilagonas FLAGMECY.png Gilagonas, Mecyna Gilagonas Arena
FC Sálvora 98 VegaFlag.PNG Sálvora, Vega Estadio del Milenio
Sport Club Vega VegaFlag.PNG Vega, Vega Estadio Nacional
FC Izaro VegaFlag.PNG Izaro, Vega Ciudad Deportiva Bermeo
Athletic Morros 28px Morros, Balonis Estadio Rivera
Negen Hobn Football-Club FLAGZYL.png Negen Hobn, Zylanda Arena Strand
Horkiis FC FLAGZYL.png Elegantia, Zylanda Horkkamp Arena