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Not to be confused with the similarly named Archantan Gridiron Football League.

Introductory Blurb


Corporate Structure

The Archantan Gridiron League at a corporate level considers itself a trade association comprised of and financed by its constituent members. Before 2008 the league was an unincorporated nonprofit association, but then gave up that status concurrent with adopting the Frontier and Empire conferences into the league.

The AGL has three policy defined officers: the administrator, the secretary, and the treasurer. Each of the four conferences has one defined officer, referred to as the regionaire, which is essentially an honorary position with only a few powers and mostly ceremonial duties.

The administrator is elected by vote of three-fourths of the members of the league, while the regionaire of each conference is elected by unanimous vote of conference members. The administrator appoints the secretary and treasurer positions and has a broad authority in disputes between clubs, players, coaches, and employees. The administrator is the principal executive officer of the AGL and also has authority in hiring league employees, negotiating television contracts, and disciplinary action against coaches, staff, players, clubs, or other AGL employed parties. The administrator can, in the event of misconduct by a party associated with the league, suspend individuals, impose fines, cancel contracts, and award or strip clubs of draft pick priority.

In extreme cases, the administrator can offer recommendations to an executive committee up to and including the cancellation or forfeiture of a club's franchise or any other action he deems necessary. The administrator can also issue sanctions up to and including a lifetime ban from the league if an individual connected to the AGL has gambled on games or failed to notify the league of conspiracies or plans to gamble on or fix games. The current and second administrator of the AGL is Haloch Danchuisin, who was elected in 2009 after Thomas Quiabonnick, the previous administrator, retired.


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The AGL consists of 12 clubs divided into 4 divisions of 4 clubs each. Each team is permitted a maximum of 53 players on its roster, and only 46 of these players may be active (eligible to play) on match dates. Each team may also have a practice squad separate from its main roster, but the practice squad may only be composed of up to 10 players who were not active for at least ten games in any of their seasons in the league. A player can only be on a practice squad for a maximum of three seasons.

Each AGL team is granted authorization for the team to operate in its Home City. Each AGL member has the exclusive right to host professional football games inside its Home City and has the exclusive right to advertise, promote, and host events in the regions adjacent to the Home City, as defined by the AGL administration board.

Every AGL team must be based out of a city in the Federal States of Archanta that contains a regulation gridiron stadium to host home city games at, or otherwise certified by the AGL.

AGL Division Club City Stadium Capacity Map Inaugural Season Head Coach
Seacoast WarwickAcceleratorsOkThisOneIsIt.png Accelerators Warwick, Penquisset Yorknew Stadium 71,095 [Map] 2004 Simon Brezenel
Yellow Cats Stanton, New Carnaby Stanton Stadium ##### [Map] 2004 Bill Yawkey
Legislators Capital District Capital Stadium 75,000 [Map] 2004 Kurt Dukakis
Pilgrims West Burton, Passamaqueets PassaBank Stadium 65,000 [Map] 2004 Nick Thorpe
Commonwealth Squirrels Oxlake, Oakhill Oxlake Stadium 62 800 [Map] 2005 Karl Ebenezer
Spirit Stanton, New Carnaby Stanton Stadium ##### [Map] 2005 Jamal Niyapyani
Skeletons King-of-Pretania, New Carnaby Colsex Steel Yard 57,030 [Map] 2005 Gordon Brown
Generals Lafayette, Whitestone Viscount Stadium 62,800 [Map] 2005 Allen Jackson
Frontier Mustangs Mennowa City, Mennowa Mennowa Stadium 72,000 [Map] 2008 Burn Craneton
Condors Santa Rosa, Cosperica Santa Rosa Stadium 64,450 [Map] 2008 Antonio Lanatoya
Storm Saint Joseph, Osaquoya Saint Joseph Stadium ##### [Map] 2008 Hugo Harrison
Fighters Jundah, Tauhon GreenBank Park 67,505 [Map] 2008 Dequan Wilson
Empire Bears Saint-Armand, Bas-Chanceux Stade de la Republique 69,475 [Map] 2008 Grant Postopolous
Minutemen Lake City, Minnonigan Lakeside Bank Coliseum 57,088 [Map] 2008 Chad “The Brain” Collins
Warriors Wallawaukee, Seneppi University of Walawaukee Park 57,300 [Map] 2008 Rial Perioven
Baywatchers Bonnaventure, Boscainifornio BriteCare Stadium 45,250 [Map] 2004 Lester Kilos

Season Format

The entire season of the AGL lasts a total of 21 weeks, and typically begins on the first Sunday in August. On the three preceding Sundays to the start of the season (in the month of July) pre-season scrimmages are played between teams, but are organized by the teams individual volition, and are not officially recorded by the League. During the course of weeks 1 through 18 of the season, each team plays a total of 16 games, with 2 weeks off sometime near the end of the 18 weeks in order to serve as a fallback date for any conflicts that may prevent a game, or an extra scrimmage if a team should wish to schedule it. Typically the week off varies between teams, but both are typically independent of each other (non-consecutive) and both between weeks 10 through 18 of the season.

The 16 games played during the first 18 weeks include 6 in division games (each division opponent twice), 9 out of division matches, and 1 division finalization match, which typically occurs during week 18, where the first seeded team in a division will play the fourth seeded team in a division, and the second and third seeded teams in a division will play separately.

Week 19 is the first of two weeks of playoff games. Each year a total of 6 teams will qualify for the playoffs (Further described below). The first round of playoffs occurring during week 19 features the 4th seeded and 5th seeded teams, as well as the 3rd seeded and 6th seeded teams competing. The winner of these matches moves forward in the tournament, and the loser is eliminated. Unlike the first 18 weeks, any tie at the end of an overtime period in the playoffs or finals will instigate another overtime period, and so forth until a winner is declared.

Week 20 is the second of two weeks of playoff games. The winner of the 4th/5th seeds match will compete against the 1st seeded team, while the winner of the 3rd/6th seeds match will compete against the 2nd seeded team. The winners of these matches proceed to the AGL finals, and the losers are eliminated.

Week 21 is the Archantan Gridiron League finals, which features the winners of the two week 20 matches competing against each other. The winner of this match is declared that year's AGL Champion, and is awarded the AGL Cup.

The off season features a few notable events, most prominently the AGL Draft which typically occurs on the first Sunday in Feburary.

Playoff Qualification

At the end of the first 18 weeks of the season, six teams are awarded spots in the playoffs. Four of the playoff spots are awarded to the winners of each division, and the other two spots are awarded to the teams with the best record, but did not win a division. Team record is primarily determined by its win/loss/tie ratio for the season. In the event of a tie, the amount of wins of a team takes precedence, and then finally the goal differential for the teams. If no clear rank emerges at this point, an interim week would be added to the tournament to allow for a play-in match between the two teams in question. The division winners are assigned the 1 through 4 seeds based upon team record. Note that the top four teams league-wide may not be the four division winners. The two teams that did not win a division with the best records are awarded seeds 5 and 6 for the tournament.

AGL Seasons

Year AGL Cup Winner AGL Finalist Teams Participating
[2019] 16
[2018] Condors Yellow Cats 16
[2017] Mustangs Accelerators 16
[2016] Legislators Bears 16
[2015] Warriors Vikings 16
[2014] Pilgrims Legislators 16
[2013] Pilgrims Accelerators 16
[2012] Fighters Squirrels 16
[2011] Skeletons Pilgrims 16
[2010] Accelerators Fighters 16
[2009] Vikings Fighters 16
[2008] Skeletons Storm 16
[2007] Yellow Cats Generals 8
[2006] Skeletons Generals 8
[2005] Skeletons Yellow Cats 8
[2004] Yellow Cats Pilgrims 4

Trophies and Awards


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