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Arghenna, officially known as the Commonwealth of Arghenna, is a state in the Southeast Region of the Federal States, bordering Penquisset and New Carnaby to its south and east, Whitestone to its north, Gilliad to its west, and the Ardentic Ocean to its east. The Commonwealth’s largest city is Dunchurch, and its capitol is at Hammond. Arghenna’s population is 2.1 million, with 52% of them living in the Dunchurch and Stanton metropolitan areas.

Commonwealth of Arghenna
"Free, We Prosper"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityDunchurch
Official languagesIngerish



Pre-Colonial Era

Colonial Era

Kalmish Colonization

Ingerish Arghenna

Archantan Independence

First Commonwealth

Second Commonwealth

Third Commonwealth


Government and Politics

List of Counties



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