Arksbury International University

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OGFmapicon.png 20.74252 N, 86.69673 E
Arksbury International University
500px AIU.png
Arksbury International University Logo
"Make Your Future Happen"
 • CityGobras City
 • PresidentAlbert da Silva
 • Undergraduate2400
 • Postgraduate900
AthleticsFighting Cephalopods

Arksbury International University is one of the top-ranked universities in Gobrassanya. The main campus is located in Gobras City's Ward 14 (Gohantown) neighborhood, with some branch international campuses recently opened in Khaiwoon, Erkallah (Mahhal), and TBD.

Although not a large university, Arksbury is highly ranked in Liberal Arts, History and pre-professional undergraduate degrees in Law and Business. Most well-known is its JP Goh Foreign Languages Institute, one of the premier language and linguistics departments in the world, specializing in unusual and endangered languages, linguistic anthropology and theoretical linguistics, with recent connections to Cognitive Sciences and AI Computing work as well, with a collaborative program with the computer science department at UG at Prado Plains. AIU fields several well-liked though not particularly successful collegiate sports teams as well, and recently spent a huge special alumni endowment to upgrade their stadium facility in the limited space available between the Northern Motorway and the Water of Lemme. The university as become a substantially fragmented "urban" campus in recent decades, as it has outgrown its original small land area and leapfrogged into the surrounding neighborhoods.

AIU is also the location of the Arksbury Archives which hold detailed information about unusual and endangered languages.