Arlent Halensk II

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Prince Arlent II of Eshein
Arlent II in 1988
Arlent II in 1988
Born14 May 1948, New Tyrrin, Noy Tyrrin, Eshein
Other NamesArlent II James Herald Rhubarb-Halensk
ResidenceNew Tyrrin, Noy Tyrrin, Eshein
  • Vice President and Head of the Eshen Senate (1985-1990)
Years Active1978-1990
Political PartySILVE
HonorsLord of Fyordberayk (1979-2000)
Lord of Westberayk (2000-2001)
Lord of Leykberayk (2001-2003)
Lord of Estberayk (since 2003)
RelativesKing Owneheym III (father)
Queen Helena (sister)

Arlent II James Herald Rhubarb-Halensk (born on 14 May 1948) is the little brother of the corrent queen of Esheinflag.png Eshein, Queen Helena Halensk, and the second child of the last king of Eshein, King Ownehwym III Halensk. Arlent is an Eshen politician and was Eshein's youngest vice precident in the 38th parliament of Eshein (between 1995-2000). Arlent belongs to the SILVE political party.


Arlent was born in New Tyrrin on 14 May 1948 to King Ownehwym the 3rd and Queen Sofia as their second child, after Helena as secon in line to succeed his father. He was raised as a prince and grew up in the "Liten Sloter", the official residence of Eshein's monarch. After graduating "Filip memorial" high school (a private school in new tyrrin) in 1966, Arlent went to New Tyrrin University in order to study law. He graduated in 1976 with m.d. in law and started to work in SILVE. In 1971 his older sister,Helena Halensk, gave bith to her first son, whitch made Arlent become 3rd in line to succeed his father. In 1979, when his sister become the queen, he became "Lord of Fyordberayk". In 1995, when Arlent was nomber two in his party, SILVE was chosen by the Eshens to the National Assembly, which means he got to be the Vice president and the head of the Senate.