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Arlington (AR) is a state in the Federal States of Archanta, and one of the smallest. Located in the northeast, it is known for its clean beaches. The capital city is San Vegas, and the largest city is Oswego. As of the 2010 census, it is home to (XX) million people.

Commonwealth of Arlington
"Terre de Paix (Land of Peace)"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalSan Vegas
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese
 • GovernorChase Jackson
 • Vice GovernorRyan Hemph
LegislatureArlington State Assembly
 • Upper houseHigh Senate
 • Lower houseLow Senate
 • Total? km2
? sq mi
 • Water (%)??%


Arlington is located on the coast of the Ardentic Ocean and is bordered by Boscainifornio to the south and Laine to the north. State is made of coastal plain but the far western part of Arlington consists of foothills. Along the coast, there are many sandy beaches.


The state of Arlington has many counties.

Name Seat Population* Established
Corrado County 1864
Clayton County Clayton 1806
Lee County Riversburg 34,482 1798
Oakland County 1810
Oswego County Oswego 1786
*NOTE* Population is based off of the 2010 Census




Arlington's economy is mostly made up of agricultural industries due to the fertile land across the state.




Roads are divided into two classes in the state of Arlington.

Federal Highways

Federal highways are high-capacity roads that are paid for by the federal government but maintained by the Arlington Department of Roads. Instead of intersections, only on/off ramps exist for access.

Route Number Type Beginning End Length (mi) Length (km) Counties Served
FS-11 Primary Boscainifornio State Line near Adensville, BC Marlington, Meade,
FS-9 Primary Boscainifornio State Line near Bonnaventure, BC FS-11 near Oswego, Oakland,
FS-511 Secondary FS-11 near AR-56 near Cooper Beach, AR San Vegas, Calma
FS-311 Secondary FS-11 near Middlesex, AR Boscainifornio State Line near Marlington Valley, AR 6 miles 9 kilometers Marlington

State Highways

State highways are state-owned and operated highways in the state of Arlington. For a list of all state highways, view List of Arlington State Highways