Aromanish language

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Aromanish language
Limba Armãneascã, Limba Armashlã
Pronunciation/'limba armə'ne̯askə/
Native to* (Autonomous Territorial Unit of Armashlya)
Suria (Marv Republic)
Native speakersaround 1,000,000 (2011)
Erasince the 13th century
Language familyUletarephian
Early formsRomantian
Writing systemAromanish Alphabet

The Aromanish language (Limba Armãneascã or Limba Armashlã, in Romanish: Lingua Aroumynească), also known as *o-Romanish, is an Romanish language spoken in Central Uletha, preponderantly in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Armashlya and Marv Republic, Suria. Its speakers are called Aromanies (a broader term and an exonym in widespread use to define Romanish communities north of the Mediterranean Sea).

The presence of Romanish peoples north of the Mediterranean is the result of several resettlement processes and deportations of the Romanish-speaking population from the present Surian Republic of Chara throughout the history. The first known relocation of Romanies (and Moorsh peoples) to the Armashlya region was carried out in the 13th century by the Varvar Turquan tribe, which kept those as slaves in their native *. Other significant relocations of Romanies, Ivirans, Turquese and Surians of Iviran faith from today's Chara Republic to Armashlya happened during the Tsardom of Sur' and in early stages of the Surian Confederation.

Example text

In Aromanish: Antãria easti unu statu tu Uletea tsentralã. Bãrãdeni easti nai ma mare cãsãbã shi cãsãbãlu capital. Limba ofitsialã tu Antãria easti limba rumashlã. Populatsia fu (tu anlu 2011) 21 000 000.

In Romanish: Antharia est'oun stad n'Ouletha centrală. Bărrădin este quel mai mare oraʃ shì capitala. Lingua oficială n'Antharia este Lingua Roumynească. Popoulacia à fost (n'anul 2011) de 21,000,000.

In Ingerish: Antharia is a state in central Uletha. Borrodin is biggest city and capital of the country. The official language of Antharia is the Romanish language. The population has been 21,000,000 (in 2011).

(Entsiclopedia lumãi, 2015)