Asperic Airways

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Asperic Airways
Founded9 December 2004
Commenced operations16 March 2005
HubsTauantua International Airport
Frequent-flyer programTernMiles
Fleet sizeTBC
Parent companyGovernment of Tavauru
HeadquartersTauantua International Airport, Tauantua, Tavauru
Key peopleGerald Vai
Operating incomeTBC
Net incomeTBC
Total assetsTBC
Total equityTBC

Asperic Airways is the flag carrier of Tavauru and is wholly owned by the Government of Tavauru. Asperic Airways was formed on 9 December 2004 in response to the collapse of Tavauru Airlines which left the nation without an airline. The airline's hub and headquarters are at Tauantua International Airport, from where it operates scheduled services to Uletha, Tarephia and Archanta. The geographical position of Tavauru is convenient for one-stop transasperic flights, which is one of the major business focuses for the airline.


Collapse of Tavauru Airlines and founding

From 1965 to 2004, Tavauru's flag carrier and largest airline had been Tavauru Airlines. From the mid 1990s, Tavauru Airlines had been plagued by financial issues, primarily due to mismanagement and corruption. In 2003 the airline began seeking investors to take over the company, however they did not manage to raise enough funds to secure the business. In July 2004 the Tavauruan Government announced it would inject $80m into the company in a bid to rescue it, however this did not work out and the company filed for liquidation on 29th October 2004, ceasing operations on the 17th November of the same year.

In response to this, the Tavauruan Government decided to form Asperic Airways, a wholly state owned replacement airline. Asperic Airways was formed on 9 December 2004, and began operations on 16 March 2005, with its maiden flight departing at 10:36am to Khaiwoon International Airport.


Country City Airport Notes
Askante Zaralla Askante Airport
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gobras City Gobras Worldport
Grand Lake Grand Lake International Airport
Kenrich Kenrich International Airport
Laguna Polahashee International Airport
Lenox Yantia International Airport Seasonal
Marapura Marapura International Airport
Margenson Margenson International Airport Seasonal
Ohimeno Ohimeno Airport
Ontaro Ontaro International Airport
Ormeo Ormeo International Airport
Waterfront City Lonowai International Airport

Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland Lynchester Lynchester International Airport Seasonal
Winburgh Sandell International Airport
Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport
Warohan Takarun International Airport Seasonal
Kaneiwa Lakana Lakana International Airport Focus city
Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Khaiwoon International Airport
OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu Leluwa Leluwa International Airport
Tavauru flag.png Tavauru Bridgetown Au Vau Airport Focus city
Tauantua Tauantua International Airport Hub
Maunatura Maunutura Airport Focus city
Rapanui Rapanui Airport Terminated


Asperic Airways Cargo

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